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3 Months Passed When I Have Refused Both Cigarettes

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I smoked already a couple of years, tried to stop a few times, but it is more, than for a week I did not suffice... Now I have decided to undertake a head and to get rid of this bad habit (my leather became bad). At first I have tried to give up on a bet, and I had lost a box of beer.

Then was attempt simply to throw out a pack of cigarettes in dustbin together with a lighter.... Again it has not sustained...

Then I tried to smoke less, but I was told the better is to smoke I have smoked earlier, than a cigarette daily. It is type not so is injurious to health... Not hoping for own possibilities I have trie nicotinic gum (the full information can be found on http: // www.aboutnicotinewithdrawal.com/)

3 months passed when I have refused both cigarettes, and nicotinic gum. :o

Good luck!

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For those of you thinking about using nicotine gum to quit, the link above does not work, but this one does.


It looks like Kat_X put a couple extra spaces in the URL when he typed it.

I used the gum once, during one attempt at quitting. I was also using Zyban and the Patch (I needed a lot of help).

The gum was just for those times when the cravings were really bad. I started swapping regular chewing gum with the nicorette, so that I wouldn't be getting too much nicotine (and end up swapping one type of nicotine for another). I used the extra-strong cinnamon flavoured Dentyne gum.

The stuff they have now is quite a bit better than the original stuff. My dad tried it and it was so bad it made him want to gag, and he'd have to have a cigarette to get rid of the taste.

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