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Sporty underbones dead? Honda Sonic 150 ?

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"In bangkok, there are lots of cbr150r s on the roads. It is very popular and all i know, it sells very good."

"Loads of CBR150s."

In post #6 I indicated that CBR150 doesn't sell well compared to Wave125.

In BKK I'd bet they sell >20 Wave125's for each CBR150, likely much more.

In the provinces its probably >100:1.

The 150i is a decent enough touring ride, hitting ~145 indicated & stable on those big tires.

Big tankage.

Quite a handful in slow speed mud or sand/gravel though.

Difficult to horse around in the parking garage.

Now the old carb version: lighter, quicker, more nimble and nearly as fast.

Quite inexpensive 2nd hand.

Unfortunately, popular with thieves... but locks are cheap.

But a Sonic150 would beat all those, methinks.

Small tank would be a drawback for touring.

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I think I've seen 3 of the R15s in the last week.

I can see why the average Thai would pick a CBR or R15 to show off as something similar to a bigbike but not everyone wants or needs a big bike.

I wonder how big the taxi bike market is?

Has to be thousands of taxi bikes in BKK alone never mind other SE Asian countries.

No taxi bike would roll on a CBR/R15.

They simply can't maneuver well in stopped traffic with the extra weight, higher CoG, and much longer wheelbases.

I think in the past the taxi bikes liked the chain drive underbones to save on gas.

I wonder if the PCX gets better mileage with its auto shutdown feature because I see many PCXs as taxi bikes now.

Have you ridden a CBR 150 in BKK?

They acquit themselves very well in the traffic; stopped or flowing. When I had mine there wasn't any underbones who left me behind. The old carb'd models had a width of 675mm and a wheelbase of 1294mm. That's 15mm wider and 43mm longer wheelbase than the Sonic. Not sure how the new 150s measure up though.

I agree that a CBR can move through traffic pretty well, but you can see why an underbone would be better for a motorcycle taxi bike. In totally stopped traffic the smaller size/shorter wheelbase is better for maneuvering between stopped cars (I'm thinking of stopped traffic such as Lad Prao road at 5pm). Also easier for them to take on the sidewalk etc.

Plus the Sonic would have a bigger seat, easier for passengers to get on and off quicly.

Can't really ride 3 up/4up on a CBR either.

As for the dimensions of the new CBR150 I think it's bigger than the old carbed model. Don't know the exact dimensions offhand though.

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motorbike taxis dont use cbr150r as basically, it is hard to hop on and off for the customers as it is higher and less room on the back than a scooter or underbone. Not bc it cannot run or split lanes in hard traffic as a scooter or underbone. i rode a cbr150r in Bangkok for 3 years and it is a breeze to ride ti in traffic.

cbr150r s is commonly used for couriers, document delivery guys, loan sharks, youngsters and people looking for a sporty bike looking like a bigger bike with lots of room etc.

cbr150r uses nearly the same petrol as a 125 cc scooter.

it is a good looking bike as well. although nearly 4 years passed from its first release, still looking cool not like busy kawa designs around.

new model cbr150r is coming though.

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