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Where can I find a online beginner Thia language course that will help me to learn thai language?

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There is a free smartphone app made by Walen Thai, which can help you to learn a bit of Thai. I found the app has a lot of good stuff on it, and it has voice recordings of the words, as well as some phrases, so that you can actually hear them spoken.

There are lots of good online courses available as well, and hundreds of good videos on youtube from various people, although I've never studied online myself, and only watched a few of the various youtube videos, so can't recommend any in particular. However, I would stress that it's really important to have audio and to not learn just via reading words in phonetics (Although if you can read/write Thai already, then learning words via Thai script is fine). A lot of learners make the mistake of learning via phonetics (Often from a book), and then what they actually say is very difficult to understand, as Thai usually isn't represented in Latin characters very well.

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