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Old hotels of Chiang Mai

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Dear all, I am doing research on the old hotels of Chiang Mai, the ones that are in operation and those that have been closed. I concentrate on the hotels has were built before 1995. I am looking for old pictures of:

Pornping Tower


Sri Prakad

Poy Luang

Nakorn Ping



Duang Tawan

Chang Puak

Chiang Mai Hills

This list will become longer. Any interesting stories are also welcome.

I will share this information first on FB and at a later stage on a website. This is a hobby and not for profit.

I am also looking for information on the hotel that is attached. It is located on the Ping River, opposite the Holiday Inn. It has been closed for many years. Does anyone know the name and the history of this place.

Thanks very much in advance

Frans Betgem


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