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Simultaneous purchase and sale of property in Thailand

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Just wondering how this process works in Thailand. In the UK the solicitors manage the sale and purchase so they happen on the same day. You load up your furniture in the morning and unload in your new house in the afternoon. All the paperwork/payments are sorted by the solicitor.

If you are selling and buying in Thailand do all the sellers and buyers have to go to the Land Office together and sign all the papers, get their chanotes etc. What happens if there is a "chain" of sales which depend on each other for funding. When are you expected to vacate the sold property, the same day? which would be difficult if you are in the Land Office. What do you do with all your possessions if the purchase of the new property is not complete?

When i bought my condo it was easy of course with no other property involved. Just signed the papers at the Land Office and moved in a few days later.

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In case of a chain of transactions, just get all the people involved in the Land Office with all documents and Cashier's checks and have the paperwork checked beforehand by a knowledgeable person.
Transfer in Sansai takes a few hours if the documents are in order, so enough time to have a few transactions processed in one day.

In any case, the transactions will not be simultaneous since you cannot demand that both will be processed and approved, at least that is my understanding, but you can hand in the documents on a consecutive, or maybe even the same, Queue number.

In case you have to go to another district for the next transaction in line, the logistics are more cumbersome.

Possibly you can have someone hand in the documents based on a Power of Attorney and give per telephone instructions when a transaction is completed and that you agree to the next in line transaction documents to be handed in.

Best of Luck!

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