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Australia's Channel 9 goes undercover at the Full Moon Party to produce a damning report

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Ho- hum, it is a rite of passage for some, drinks, drugs and gathering at the beach has been going on for a couple thousand years, the human species still survives.... if only the music were better...

This film will promote more young tourist to thailand. Thank you.

Rubbish reporting on a rubbish program on a rubbish TV Station.....l will give them one thing....they are consistent with their content....which of course is rubbish !

....the ones 'in the know' risk nothing...it is the ignorant, trusting foreigners that are in peril...

...if drugs or who-knows-what are mixed into the drinks.....and people know about it...why is nothing done about it....

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Where on earth do they get the figure an Aussie dies in Thailand every 4 days?

If an Aussie dies every four days - stop reviving him! whistling.gif

Sorry - it is difficult for me to take this article seriously. I mean, just look at the headline

Australia’s Channel 9 goes undercover at the Full Moon Party to produce a damning report

Says it all really. Why go undercover? Just buy a ticket. (Images of famous reporter in disguise creeping around the FMP. What a joke.)

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Just another biased report by Channel 9 without doing too much prior investigation.Have seen similar segments on their 60 minutes show about Pattaya, Phuket etc.

They picked out the worst people they could find and asked stupid questions. Saying it is worse than Bali is garbage. They are both the same, just different currency. Channel 9 can not

get anything right.They don't even televise my football team live in to Melbourne when they play here in Melbourne.They are so biased.

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