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Samui Times readers invited to turn the Expat Food Shop into their own Fantasy Food Shop

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Crappy Brit food. Oh Joy!

Do you eat anything other than bananas? biggrin.png

Very harsh innuendo there carmale... Ask any N American how they like tasteless British food before you go off with Union Jack pride in zero chefs kitchens again from your commoners perspective where half the melting pot of global nations have taken over your streets.

Not harsh at all. Harsh would have been asking if they were one of the furry stars of the late much loved PG Tips adverts.

Anyway, i digress, with regards the good old U S of AI would ask N Americans about the obesity rates in their country. Never have i seen so many grossly over weight kids in the "home of fast food" What is it with the american obsession with fast "junk" food?!

In generalizing British food as bland is a simple case of showing your ignorance. Do you have anything constructive to add to the thread?

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They just need to be more specific. It is a British fantasy food store. I barely recognize anything listed there either.

Canadians would be happy if they opened a Tim Horton's here, other than that we can get most of what we crave.

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Sounds like the small out of the way siam expat foods recently opened on the darkside of pattaya. Got most if not all of what was mentioned, plus pickled onion monster munch for thaddeus.

Popped in for the first time yesterday, couldnt afford toneat it everyday but good for an occasional taste of home.

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One post suggests, "...Crappy Brit food. Oh Joy!" However, no alternative is suggested or presented. Food from the States? Not the best as obesity seems to originate from fast/snack foods from there. Examples include most snack foods, most fast foods (from outlets only interested in profit), soda drinks high in sugar content, and the list goes on. I leave it at that and let the reader decide.

To the uninformed, Villa, Foodland, and Tesco, have many imported products including various stock cubes (Bisto, Knorr. etc) as well as biscuits (I just bought Custard Creams and Bourbons from Lotus-Tesco), and - surprise, surprise PICKLED ONIONS - among other products. TOPS also brings in stuff from many countries including cheeses, deli products and a host of other things.

If you are too lazy to seek out things, do not rely on others to do it for you. (This is just the only list I will supply as others have their own.)

nuf sed. thanx all. pladuk aka travellingchef

Pretty silly contradiction this>One post suggests, "...Crappy Brit food. Oh Joy!" However, no alternative is suggested or presented. Food from the States? < How about nice savory spicy Thai food?????

I am not sure if you noticed but the thread is about an Expat Food Shop. When my wife was with me in Germany she used to go to the Thai food shop to get (for her) Thai Expat food.

If you want nice savoury spicy Thai food in Thailand you wouldn't NEED to go to an Expat Food shop to buy it as there will be plenty of local places to do so.

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