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Is Typhoon Bopha On The Way To Chiang Mai

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Is anyone following the Storm Tracker on Typhoon Bopha?

Looked at it a while ago and if it doesn't change direction could come close to CM.

Everyone in Chiang Mai should fill sandbags, but get the sand from out of the river, that way we will kill two birds at one time.

Someone else take a look and give your expert opinion


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Heavy rain and High waves

A low pressure trough lies over upper northern and northeastern Thailand. Strong southwesterly winds prevail over the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf. Scattered thundershowers are expected in the country with isolated heavy rain and flash flood in the North and Northeast. High waves with wave height 2-3 meters are expected in the Andaman Sea and upper part of the Gulf. All ships should proceed with caution and small boats should keep ashore during this period.

Source: TMD Weather Alert

Date: 09 August 2006

Time: 12:00

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