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Dutch man arrested for smoking marijuana

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Dutch man arrested for smoking marijuana


NONG KHAI: -- Today at 14.30 pm. Pol. Col. Panlop Suriya Na Ayuddhaya Superintendent of Nong Khai Immigration Office, Pol.Sub.Lt. Alongkorn Klaharn, Peace and Order Officer of Nong Khai province and Immigration Officers searched the house in Hai Soke Soi, Nong Khai Municipality and found Mr. Vincenzo Antonio, a 49 year old Dutch who was sitting at the basement preparing the marijuana for smoking. Further investigation in the house the police officers found equipment for smoking marijuana, water pipe, needle, different kinds of knives, crossbow, pressure air gun as well as leaflet of male hormone products.

Pol. Col. Panlop Suriya Na Ayuddhaya said that the officers have been observing Mr. Vincenzo Antonio for a certain period of time due to his suspicious behavior.

He sells marijuana to foreigners at nightclubs, bars in Nong Khai province. In his passport which is issued at Amsterdam on May 2014, shows that he has Education Visa stating that he registered for course at Pattaya Language and Computer School.

However, Vincenzo Antonio defended that he did not sell any marijuana, but he bought it from a Lao nationality and the amount is for personal use
only. He also said that he lives in Thailand for 20 years and has been traveling through many places such as Pattaya, Koh Samui but he chose to live in Nong Khai because of the peaceful environment and rented the house for 11 years.

Vincenzo Antonio does not have any job. The only source of income is from Dutch government that sends him 700 Euro per month. Regarding the knives found, Vincenzo Antonio claimed that they were his collection due to his personal hobby.

Vincenzo Antonio is charged for offence on drug possession and abuse and will be taken into custody for further prosecution.

Source: Khaosod 2014-12-15

-- Translated by Siam Translations 2014-12-15

-- 2014-12-15

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Once again someone getting busted for the ludicrous crime of smoking a plant. You can go out and drink tequila or vodka and grope bar girls all night, but sit around your own flat and smoke a few bong

Pathetic - armed officers all because of a guy with a bong and lots of tattoos a a collection of knoves.

In addition to getting caught with weed, is also appears he was in the wrong place when some paint factory exploded all over him. I know this will offend some potheads out there, but drugs are illega

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Ah a quality student on an Ed visa, wonder if he is a digital pikey as well ? Wonder which school in Pattaya ? Guess his attendance register was up to date

Quite possible, he's on an Ed visa

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you beat me to it souty i was just going to say another great guy on ed visa, and then they the others on ed visa wonder why the thai government want to clamp down on it,,,

and the knives,, that gear takes some cutting dosnt it,,,

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