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Dutch man arrested for smoking marijuana

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The police are wonderin' if they should book 'em or read 'em!!!!!tongue.png

If they book him first they will have plenty of time to read him. I wonder if he gets pissed when people grab him by the ear and try to turn the page?unsure.png.pagespeed.ce.E7Vo3qsmeCQhPTdy

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Once again someone getting busted for the ludicrous crime of smoking a plant. You can go out and drink tequila or vodka and grope bar girls all night, but sit around your own flat and smoke a few bong

Pathetic - armed officers all because of a guy with a bong and lots of tattoos a a collection of knoves.

In addition to getting caught with weed, is also appears he was in the wrong place when some paint factory exploded all over him. I know this will offend some potheads out there, but drugs are illega

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I actually met this guy a couple years back. He was a pretty laid back and friendly guy. Wasn't exactly what you would expect from a guy covered in face tats.

Just shows "You can't tell a book by it's cover".

Who knows how an accident like that can affect your outlook on life.

Each of us cope in different ways.

Looks like he was coping in his own way for 20 years ..

Notice the cops also included his kitchen knives to "add weight" to their case. LOL

Poor bastard.

But for the grace of God, there go I.

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He does not match the quality tourist on a count of his tatoos.

6 tatoos are allowed but 100 not. The guy is smoking a joint in his house.

none of your business mr. Colonel. Leave the man alone !!!!

Haven't you got anything else to do?

Drugs are not tolerated in Thailand and should never be. If you don't like the drug laws here, then go back to where you came from. The Thais don't want drug advocates here.

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Obviously not the sharpest knife in the draw. Really though it's like the steroids, the knives the sex toys, the replica pistols and air guns, the knock off EVERYTHINGS and lets be fair dinkum here prostitution to be honest. If it is illegal to own or possess any of these items why are they so readily available? and what of those selling them? Surely have to be prosecuted as well no??? coffee1.gif

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Being many US states are going the legal route,I imagine in A few years Thailand will possibly do the same.If nothing else medical

Marijuana.It has now been proven some of the chemicals in the product now control seisures in epilepsy patients.

And if you don't have epilepsy? It's proven to have dire effects in otherwise healthy people...selective case patients. But hey, if that's your thing...

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