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Dutch man arrested for smoking marijuana

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go find some REAL crime and leave this man alone.

many of these frequent media messages of foreigners being picked up for minor offenses, while they make for good 'Thai chest thumping' at home, contribute to an ever worsening climate for western tourism to thailand. 2014 is, by all accounts, the worst year for voluntary repatriation : rarely have so many europeans returned to their homelands, or gone elsewhere, because the living climate in thailand is getting pettier and they feel abused and harassed by local authorities. this s NOT good for thailand, its economy, its reputation and its tourism.

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Once again someone getting busted for the ludicrous crime of smoking a plant. You can go out and drink tequila or vodka and grope bar girls all night, but sit around your own flat and smoke a few bong

Pathetic - armed officers all because of a guy with a bong and lots of tattoos a a collection of knoves.

I guess he isn't someone that blends in

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you beat me to it souty i was just going to say another great guy on ed visa, and then they the others on ed visa wonder why the thai government want to clamp down on it,,,

and the knives,, that gear takes some cutting dosnt it,,,

You will be surprised to know that gov want to crackdown ED visa to avoid people working here illegally, the fact that some1 dont attend the lessons is not their main concern

and that is by obvious consequence the reason you never saw a title saying "Crackdown on unattending students".

If you was in charge to crackdown on illegally working people would you really go to check the school log books, really?

If you would imho you are trying to solve the problem from a wrong point of view.

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<script type='text/javascript'>window.mod_pagespeed_start = Number(new Date());</script>

"In his passport which is issued at Amsterdam on May 2014, shows that he has Education Visa stating that he registered for course at Pattaya Language and Computer School."

Thats why no more ed visa now, we dont need this kind of people here, send back the trash where it came from.

What exactly is he doing that has him be trash in your opinion? Who has he harmed so badly by his lifestyle?

Maybe the Dutch tax payers, who have to jump in and pay those scumbags their social welfare money? Would any of my kids see this guy, the'd freak out and run.

And Holland already has huge problems with the non functioning "Multi cultural" problem.

That's maybe, why some people call him trash. You seem to miss your friend a lot.

"Non functioning multicultural problem" ?

Are you talking about Amsterdam or the rest of Holland?

There was a younger politician a couple of years back who complained on TV that solving the "Multicultural Problems" wouldn't work out.

He was shot to death soon after talking about the truth. Here's a part of it:

"Fortuyn provoked controversy with his stated views about multiculturalism, immigration and Islam in the Netherlands. He called Islam "a backward culture", and said that if it were legally possible he would close the borders for Muslim immigrants",etc..please see:


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The headline in the OP is maybe misleading.

"Smoking marijuana" is not necessarily the same as "possession of marijuana"

What if you happen to find a suspicious-looking or smelling roller in an ashtray, and you are not so sure if you should report it to the police, eg because the police happens not to be around (yet)?

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Lock him for 5 to 10 then deport him. He is one of many who give foreigners a bad reputation.

Are you related to Dick?

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