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Colin you are my inspiration.

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A beautiful story, but something I don't understand.

You say that

Last Saturday, I got a PM from Colin.

Colin is a member of TVF that I never have heard of before.

He wanted to tell me that he lives about 5 kilometres from my house and because he was bedridden he couldn’t meet me.

Why does he say that he can't meet you, if you don't know him?

Merry Christmas, Colin and Costas and your wives!

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A troll style post has been removed.

If you do not have anything positive to contribute, then find another post that is of interest.

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Please allow me to answer this in "typical" ThaiVisa Forum style..

And so Costas, or should I say "Colin from Abuja".

Since the 14 of November 2008 you have been posing as a Greek. Seducing us with your warmth and humor.

And now, suddenly, you are in "need of charity"; a week from Christmas.

Get to the point. You are from Nigeria, but your real name is neither Costas nor Colin.

Just come clean "Costas" .

Sipi, I appreciate your sense of humour.

I always admire your posts.

But this is not a laughing matter for me.

It has affected my life for the past 3 days.

I understand that my thread was diverted to Pub and entertainment.

But this is not any fun either for Colin or me.

It was a matter of time Costas. Of course I can sympathise.

I was just beating the usual "thread wreckers" to the punch, and there are many..

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