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To all the bakers out there,

I bake my Own whole wheat / Rye bread at home and I'm having problem finding

Vital Wheat Gluten needed to add to the Dough to help it rise while baking,

tried at Fuji;s baking supply store and no luck,,

Any body?

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Hey Ezzra,

Don't know where you live so it's hard to help. We do have a friendly bakery supply place with all kinds of odds n ends out here in CHiang Mai. It's opposite CHiang Mai Gate, across the street and past Ruam Pet Hospital by 1/2 a block, still on same left-hand side of street. All kinds of yeast. And then baker's tools too. I have no oven but stop by to pick up raisins, nuts, and oats on the cheap and then make cereal or other snacks at home. Better price n quality than Rimping, Big C, Carrefour etc. I'm also in support of the small guy doing his business in the face of the megatores.

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