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French man found dead in Koh Tao – incident being treated as suicide not homicide

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In your Farang countries you would probably say "case closed = good police job".

Why different in Thailand?

Oh sorry, I forgot: Dead Farang smells like a God was killed.

Now I can recognize the thai attitude again : Thais dontl ike to be critizeised or told the thruth about how it is in their country with many things, ,

But let me tell you : Every day there is attacks o n" farangs" - from thais it is allways our own fault.. or it is Burmese or cambodians or some one other but it is NEVER thais who do something wrong wright ?

The problem in your country is that the police dont do anything to find out what is actually happened - they are scared what can hapens if it is a thai who did the crime.. because the whole populatio nare brainwashed from childhood.. how wodnerfull country they have and that they NEVER do something bad -

I can hear it on you - as soon some want to tell you the thruth - you get evvil " dead farang smells" you jump on peopels feeligns who has lost their dear which only wnated to go on holiday in the " land of smiles"

You country are rotten from bottom to top - it isn ot the people on the street I blame I meet many nice thais who is still my friends but the problem is that you DONT WANT to understand there are something wrong with your system it is as a south american banana republic with a growing crime rate -

No we dont pay a bribe to the police - that is corruption - as in your country - we pay it by tax and the police in our countries really try to do a HONEST JOB -

But it is notl ike that in your country which is pathetic and not very brigth people who run it.. to many hands wants to put money in their own pocket and they dont care about honesty and truth of fair play

One last question :

yo ucal lus from " farang country"

Can you mention 10 countries by name in Europe ?

Thais odnt know anything about the wolrd cause they dont learn anything and if there are something they dont understand they get angry agressive and violent primi´tive

goodbye Thailand you are o nthe way dont and you can blame only yourself !

To be honest, he's not been educated outside the Thai system. It will take decades to open up the mindset, that's if anyone is interested.

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So,,, let the TVF "Criminologists" who routinely defend the RTP on ANY subject they're suspected of, corrupting/fouling up,,,, start tearing into this guy,,,, I'm sure he knows not of what he speaks,

If the RTP say it was suicide, who are we to disagree or question their findings. It's not like they have ever gotten it wrong before is it?

I trust his friends can confirm he appeared suicidal? After over 12 hours of drinking he managed to write a suicide note, then tie his hands behind his back and hang himself? Well, he certainly lived

It has more or less gotten to the point where if the RTP had at least a shred of credibility before, after both of these separate sets of murders committed on the dark side of Tao, there is not one iota of credibility remaining, I think it is safe to label the RTP a fraudulent organization, in that no truth can ever be expected to be found there, and there is ALWAYS an agenda other than simple law enforcement. The urgent need for a complete reorganization of their ranks, from top to bottom is becoming more obvious by the day. They hold the country back, on so many levels, be it the complete lack of traffic safety, the astonishing lack of discipline, the lack of credible forensic equipment or expertise, and the ease at which they are manipulated by power, money, or influence. How many countries of the world have less effective law enforcement than Thailand?

For the sake of fairness, the original police had the more believable, than the two Burmese midgets, as the suspects of the murder of the British couple from the start. Before they were er, hastily replaced. It really isn't all of them. But when your boss has been told to lay off, what can they do? Can anyone seriously imagine a Thai police whistleblower ever being protected, here?

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In reply to AleG Post No # 267.

I'm sorry - I thought you mentioned in an earlier post that you did have business interests in Koh Tao, as well as friends in the RTP? I must be getting confused with JD or JTJ or some other member of the "Glee Club" as you are collectively known by a few posters here.Anyway, we have been warned by the moderators to stop bickering (I can't believe you didn't see that - had to get the last word in eh?) so I'm afraid that is the last comment from me to you on this thread, so no more posts please - I won't answer them. Have a nice day!

You called me obtuse, Willy Eckerslike implies I'm a troll and I am the one bickering? rolleyes.gif

Your inability or unwillingness to answer a simple question is duly noted.


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I trust his friends can confirm he appeared suicidal? After over 12 hours of drinking he managed to write a suicide note, then tie his hands behind his back and hang himself? Well, he certainly lived up to what he wrote. It was very difficult.

I dunno - Police and physicians carried out an autopsy and believe the cause of death was asphyxiation. Good grief, surely they can be more concise than this? Typical news report.

Oh well, wait until the next one...

Yes that's like saying a believe the man shot him self as the cause of death was gun shot wound

Case closed

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How does one tie string around their hands behind their back?

You tie your hands round your front and then step through them - after 12 hours of drinking it's simple.

Lol, really. I would love to see someone tie their hands together WITHOUT any drinks. Everyone thinks it's easy so someone please do a reenactment and make a video to show how simple it is and post it on here. If you can do it, please have a few beer and try it again. If you can do it still, have a few more beer and try it again.

Then we can compare the knots to the one around this guy's hands. Keep in mind he was drinking for 12 hours.

Until then I call bullshit

And then having done all that, I would then be accused by the RTP of being the murderer who doesn't exist. No thanks!

But if you can guarantee immunity and will buy all the beers, I will show you how it is done.

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I would really like to learn some of the backgrounds.

Did the young Frenchman promised a rose garden to any Thai (girl), well knowing that he would not be able to keep his promises?

Or - in other words: was he maybe part of a scam?

No Thai (girl) is going to fall for that. Obviously, you can't grow roses on Koh Tao, far to salty and humid.

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