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French man found dead in Koh Tao – incident being treated as suicide not homicide

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This is quite interesting, it seems that people do elect to tie their hands before this method of suicide, bit graphic this link so if you don't want to look at dead bodies best not use it.

NO NOOOO this cant be.. Thaivisa detectives say its impossible.

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So,,, let the TVF "Criminologists" who routinely defend the RTP on ANY subject they're suspected of, corrupting/fouling up,,,, start tearing into this guy,,,, I'm sure he knows not of what he speaks,

If the RTP say it was suicide, who are we to disagree or question their findings. It's not like they have ever gotten it wrong before is it?

I trust his friends can confirm he appeared suicidal? After over 12 hours of drinking he managed to write a suicide note, then tie his hands behind his back and hang himself? Well, he certainly lived

An interesting link and if one views the ''discussion passages take a slow read of the section 4-6 concerning how it is possible to actually hang someone if they are rendered incapable through drink or drugs, there were it seems some puncture wound marks on the deceased.

Yet again we have reason for doubt the rapid decision of a suicide verdict, the return of the body to Koh Tao also seems a trifle odd as well as hasty, no effort to locate next of kin by the police contacting the French Embassy one asks?

Cremation of course leaves no clues does it?

Being able to kill another adult by homicidal hanging requires force and intervention. However, if a person is in a confused state because of mental illness, under the effect of medication or alcohol, or if the victim is a child, then it is possible to ascribe suicidal appearances to a homicidal hanging case.
In adult victims, more than 1 perpetrator could perform a homicidal hanging but this would most likely result in a violent strugggle. Thus, in such circumstances a medical examiner would expect to find severe traumatic lesions on the victim’s body.
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So, after a heavy night ( and a good part of the day) drinking, a person writes a suicide note using complete sentences, stands on a ledge, slips his head into a noose, ties his hands tightly together, and then kills himself.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. My B.S. meter just exploded.

Witnesses said that the man, who is believed to be named Dimitri, was drinking at a bar on New Year’s eve until around 5am, he then moved on to the Experience Party where he stayed until 11am.
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How does one tie string around their hands behind their back?

You tie your hands round your front and then step through them - after 12 hours of drinking it's simple.

How did he get the rope around his neck with his hands tied behind his back? Give that a try and get back to me.

Put the rope around your neck first, tied you hand in front of you then step through them...and jump!

Oudini did that every days whistling.gifPffff

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