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Should Expats Advise Rude Tourists To Behave?

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I would say that unless you are actually in the situation as it happens it is very difficult to know how you would react.

(PS. Hitting somebody or something does not solve the problem)

If you come home and your wife is in bed with another man do you?

A)Congratulate him.

:o Wake him up with a smack round the head .

C) Walk out and give her the house.

What would you do if 2 Thai men were arguing?

I think most of us would walk away.

2 Thai women arguing?

A person shouting at a child or old person?

A person kicking a dog ( it may have just killed his cat).

It all depends on the situation ,I have stood and screamed at a Airport Ticket officer (German)

at his stupidity because I thought I was right..............the people behind me probably thought I was

a stupid Englishman.....................

Well... I chose D... I grabbed them both by the hair and drug them outside naked, locked the door and then sat down and had a beer.

Two adults of the same sex arguing... I'd ignore it and walk away.

Someone shouting and an old person or a child, I'd politely ask them to calm down, been there too.

Saw a Kuwaiti family eating like pigs at McDonalds, in front of Indian maids that were obviously hungry. They were waved into a corner away from their table. I bought food and set it on their table, while recieving glares from the Kuwaiti's and frightened but grateful looks from the maids.

The dog... don't know for sure. I'd probably watch to make sure it didn't get out of hand. That's just me though. The closest I've ever came to shouting at an airport ticket counter, was when they told me that they had over booked my flight and I wasn't going to fly. I just very sternly said that they were mistaken and I was going to stand there till they found me a seat, Shock, Shock they found one.... When I was in my 30's, I have a world to apologize to, but that was then and I've made a lot of changes in the last 6 years.

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BKK - no worries all is good. :D Go grab a few pints and chill out a bit. I'll be doing such in a few hrs time. :D

I'm chilled Brit, all is good. I just find your constant stream of violent remarks and about how hard you are to get a bit tiresome after a while. :D

Just the other year you was talking about breaking a member's hands when you heard he'd been abusing the ladies here at a meet up, a completely false accusation as it turned out.

But kind of interesting that you was scared silent when a member actually did verbally abuse and allegedly headbutt another female poster on this board at another meet up. I dont recall you sending out any threats of punishment then. :o

Of course that guy is a big dude, and not so easily beaten up by the likes of yourself. Certainly not as easy to beat up as a tourist written about on an internet thread. How many punches did you do this guy in with? Was it one punch knockout? And whos the 'we' described as helping to dish out more punches if he fought back, the rest of the mob?

It's lucky for yourself and others that you never manage to get off the barstool or from behind the computer screen to put your violent words into action.

Stop playing the hard man Brit, it doesn't suit so well at your age. :D

:D No offense I thought we both decided to both chill, and I'm quite happy to do so without your constant whinging behind the keyboard no less. So stop the lecturing it certainly doesnt suit your age either. :D

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Thanks for all of the replies, lots of interesting opinions, here.

There is an important point that should be understood regarding this topic.

Karma ... In Thai it is pronounced "gum" (like chewing gum)

Buddhists and long-time non-buddhist expats know a lot about this already. According to he laws of karma this man will suffer for his bad deeds and this fate is inescapable. The suffering may not come in this lifetime, however.

For Thais, this is the main reason that confrontation is unecessary. Intervening made ME feel better, and I hoped that it would make a positive impression on the staff (i.e. that not all farang are idiots)

Karma is a complex topic and I am not an expert. However, my understanding is that if Britmaveric hauls off and punches that guy in the face, that is part of karmic action, as well. :o

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Karma is a complex topic and I am not an expert. However, my understanding is that if Britmaveric hauls off and punches that guy in the face, that is part of karmic action, as well. :D


Sounds more like english yob culture.

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