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Buriram nurse scammed out of THB400,000 by American Facebook boyfriend

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Buriram nurse scammed out of THB400,000 by American Facebook boyfriend
By Coconuts Bangkok

Photo: Morning News

BURIRAM: -- A nurse from Buriram province was deceived into transferring THB400,000 to her Facebook boyfriend "Johnson Clifford."

The 30-year-old nurse, Theparak, who did not give her last name, talked about the scam on Sorayuth's news program after the police report she filed against the boyfriend, whom she has never met, went nowhere.

Theparak said an anonymous person who went by the name Johnson Clifford on Facebook (with a typical 'handsome-man' photo) added her last year and asked her to be his girlfriend after three months of chatting.

Full story: http://bangkok.coconuts.co//2015/01/07/buriram-nurse-scammed-out-thb400000-american-facebook-boyfriend

-- Coconuts Bangkok 2015-01-07

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Why feel sorry for stupid? First she was stupid to call someone she does not even know a boyfriend Second she was stupid to believe someone she does not know to be a boyfriend Third she was stupid

I feel really sorry for these women that fall victims to unscrupulous scammers. The dream of getting a farang husband and having a better life is still at large in Thailand. Hope that these scams ge

The incentive could have been to get the $1.1 million gift he (she, impersonating a he) promised to send her if she could pay the delivery charge of THB 400,000. She sent the 400k to a Kasikorn

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I'm waiting for "The shoe's on the other foot now" comments!!! whistling.gif


Yea, and they would be highly inappropriate and indicative of cold hearts and immature mentalities.

I feel sad for the woman. 400k is an awful lot of cash for a Thai nurse to lose. Hope the guy gets in a head-on with a telephone pole on the way to the bank.

Does Facebook not cooperate in fraud investigations? Anybody have advice how she could pursue such a process?

She didn't have the cash. She had to remortgage her mother's farm to get it.

It's quite unusual to see the scams going the other way. How often to we hear of foreigners losing their shirts in Thailand?

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