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Buriram nurse scammed out of THB400,000 by American Facebook boyfriend

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Who knows what the scammer really looks like...whether the scammer is a man or a woman...what country the scam originated in...and how many times they have gotten away with this crime...

The internet is filled with anonymous scammers...many very sophisticated at hiding their IDs...

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Why feel sorry for stupid? First she was stupid to call someone she does not even know a boyfriend Second she was stupid to believe someone she does not know to be a boyfriend Third she was stupid

I feel really sorry for these women that fall victims to unscrupulous scammers. The dream of getting a farang husband and having a better life is still at large in Thailand. Hope that these scams ge

The incentive could have been to get the $1.1 million gift he (she, impersonating a he) promised to send her if she could pay the delivery charge of THB 400,000. She sent the 400k to a Kasikorn

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...sorry....I am not buying this......

...and transferred to a woman's account in Thailand....???

...."....Theparak ended up making seven transfers, spending a total of THB400,000, to a Kasikorn bank account under the name Karnchana Maklang, a typical Thai woman's name."

...makes no sense.....

Actually it does. I know a woman who chatted with an "American" for nearly 2 years. To cut a long story short - he said he would send a million dollars so that she could buy a house for them to live in after they got married.

He sent copies of receipts and then a Thai lady called her to ask for a huge sum of money for the transfer money to be cleared. The money was to be put in a special account of some weird company in Thailand. At this stage she smelled a rat and backed out.

Another Thai lady (a professor at a uni) was scammed into paying 40, 000 to avoid being "prosecuted as a drug dealer and money laundering.". Long story again , with many top official names being used. Warned not to tell the police and so on.

She was just stupid to deposit the money in a cash machine to a "special account of the Money Laundering Office" so they could check if the money was stolen.

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A face book boyfriend is a fantasy boyfriend not a real boyfriend no one gives money to a fantasy unless you have a lot of cash to spare like this woman obviously had plenty spare cash, must have worked a lot of overtime to save up her 400k Baht she will know better how to spend the next 400k on a real boyfriend not an imaginary boyfriend, get out and go to the pub and you might meet a live poor American to give your money to.

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Thais scamming Thais, but the Falang gets the blame because a Thai would never do this. Couldn't pin it on a Burmese I guess.

It is possible that the scammer is a husband and wife team (Thai wife, foreign husband), but since the money was sent to a Thai lady's bank account there is a very good paper trail. That was pretty stupid too.Time will tell, but if the account holder is caught, and it shouldn't be difficult, she could be serving jail time...in which case we'll have to decide who was "stupider".smile.png

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I'm waiting for "The shoe's on the other foot now" comments!!! whistling.gif

Yeah, me too. Well, here goes. Don't you think it's about time scenario goes the other way around? Lonely men and women everywhere will grasp at a chance for love; naive, gullible, stupid, ignorant, or just hopeful, what a shame.

I wouldn't think so badly about them, I guess most are lonely, desperate and hopeful

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Anyone know how a nurse in Buriram gets 400,000 baht in the 1st place??

What an insensitive, ignorant and arrogant anti-Thai comment, so typical of some expats here...

Why would a Thai nurse not have 400 000 bahts through inheritance, savings (she's 39 years old), whatever ?

So many white expats here think that bar girls (or boys) represent the whole of Thailand, it's disheartening. And hardly surprising that more and more Thais now also assume that all white people are like those expats. Racism is getting worse on both sides due to this kind of attitude based on nothing but judgmental clichés.


She is on Facebook dating a foreigner and accepting 30 million baht gifts, I would say not too far from a bar girl

Not exactly a rocket science to assume she is not far from a hooker.

Have another look at the photo mate. She very much fits the description of a 39 year old nurse who is desperate to find a soul mate.

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I learned this from my Grandad at a very young age: "There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch." If it looks too good to be true, it isn't. Run!

Your granddad would have learned a thing or two if he had visited Thailand. Ladies over here get fat eating free lunches.smile.png

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Disclaimer to any kindly souls defending the lass - I'm just poking a bit of fun at her picture. It's humour, don't take it too seriously. I myself am painfully unphotogenic, always get red eye in pictures and look like I'm high or drunk. My avatar is a good example of that.

I didn't know it's an avatar

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I do not believe a word of it. No Thai person would give a Farang who they have never met, Soo much money. A fat rich Farang would give a cute Thai girl money who they have not met. If it's true then I hope this post goes out to the Thais to read?

There are gullible people everywhere believe it or not.
And to give an example - a chartered surveyor in the UK. I bet the scammers couldn't believe their luck


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