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A Guy Wearing Big Name Political Party Jacket Trying to Smuggle Kratom into Samui

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A Guy Wearing Big Name Political Party Jacket Trying to Smuggle Kratom into Samui


KOH SAMUI: -- At 15.20 on January 6, Pol.Capt. Phornsak Naunnhu, Deputy Commander of Surat Thani Provincial Police, Pol.Lt.Col. Aroon Romsrinaun, Pol.Lt.Col. Denduang Thongsrisuk, Pol.Lt.Satchukorn Kongprok and other police officers arrested Mr. Natthapong Nhuchanaphai (24 years old) and Ms. Sumaphorn Saetang (23 years old) while the two were transporting 37 kilos of Kratom hidden in their six traveling bags at the Koh Samui Ferry Harbor.

After the police were informed by an undercover agent that there would be people trying to smuggle Kratom to Koh Samui, plainclothes police officer were sent to Koh Samui Ferry Habor, they spotted two suspects according to the information the police had received. The police went in and searched Mr. Natthapong, who was wearing a big name political party campaign jacket in an attempt to hide from the police, and found 37 kilos of Kratom.

After the primary investigation, Mr. Natthapong confessed that all of the Kratom was his, and said that Ms. Sumaphorn, his wife, had nothing to do with it, and that she only helped carrying the bags. He also confessed that he got the Kratom from his house in Chum Phon and brought it to Samui to hand it to his client, and that it was his first time he had done this. He went on to say that he always wears the political party campaign jacket every time he travels. However, they were both charged with drug possession and were sent to Koh Samui Police Station Inquiry Office for prosecution.

-- Samui Times 2015-01-10

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  1. Absolutely ridiculous to treat Kratom as a drug, one leaf is about as strong as a cup of espresso. But still they can fine you as much as 500 Baht for 1 leaf!

  2. It is totally normal for political parties on Samui to hand out free Kratom on the road to every potential voter (besides the 2000 Baht or so per voter). Have seen that in the middle of Nathon last year, totally in the open.

  3. One would think the police has more important things to do like solving murders, burglaries, etc.

I rest my case.

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