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After 2,5 years in Issan I am ready to change scenery and consider the Krabi area .

I am into -big- motorbiking and like scuba diving (not much of a chance for that in Issan ).Would not want to be completely out of touch of civilisation and other farangs ,but do not want the farang overload of Phuket or Pattaya either . How would you describe life in /around Krabi under these viewpoints?

What is the cost of living there . I am in Udon Thani now and pay 3000 Baht for a nice 3 BR house in the suburbs,we have the airport nearby ,all the big supermarket chains etc etc plenty different country falangs ( but not too may) .Actually I like it here a lot ,but everything is getting a littel too settled and too old for , I think I will enjoy a change of scenery.

Anybody out ther who wants to make a plug for Krabi ? We plan to came and check it out later this year.


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There are few ex-pats in Krabi town, where I live. Most seem to be scattered around the area, generally within a 20min motorbike ride. The area's pretty laid-back apart from Ao Nang, which has grown at a fair old rate, though it's still nothing like, say, Patong. It's probably not as good for supermarkets as other areas. I don't know about rental rates out of town, 'fraid you'll have to look around when you get here.

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Hi Organic

Cute name you chose, are you into organic farming?

As to Krabi: are there any Farang (German) guest houses,restaurants in town .I am not taking about the tourist traps on the Islands !

Are there any english speaking civic clubs (Rotary, Lions etc )

Do you know of any Krabi realtors ,any Krabi website ,dive operators in town ?

Is there a formal/informal local farang club,meeting Stammtisch ?

Any help will be appreciated . I want to ck out as much as possible up front to avoid coming and stumble around like a blind chicken and using a lot of time to ck on thing that could be clarifed via the net.


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'organic' is an anagram of the name I use on another noticeboard, makes it different while easy to remember.


Can't help you much on your questions, I'm afraid.

I've never seen any German restaurants in town, there may be 1 or 2 in Ao Nang. There's a Scandinavian one and plenty of Italians.

I don't use civic clubs, so I don't know about them.

Several dive operators in Ao Nang, but not the town.

Only website with any info I know of is www.krabivacation.com (that's 'cos I designed it (hope I don't get banned for the sneaky plug!)). There's a free mag found round here called Krabi Flyer that might be useful, but they don't seem to have a site.

The only farangs I've met round here are the ones that drink in my local bar, Popeye's, mainly Brits.

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Guten Tag :o

Ao Nang and the nearby area is a perfect location if you want access to Diving.

There are many Schools/Tour Operators in Ao Nang, only one in Krabi that I know about.

Prices in Ao Nang has gone up the lately (business people are not stupid) but just outside the village it should be reansable.

There are lot of Germans tourists, but not so it is disturbing.

Also several German owned Gueste Houses and resturants.

It is worth to investigate, good luck!

A good website: www.aonang.info

(Undfortunately it is off-line for the moment.)


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