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Buriram or Udon Thani for night life?

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Spent a night in Buriram last year. Unfortunately it closed by 9pm, apart from the usual Isaan live music/restaurant/drink places, masquerading as nightlife and no good for a single traveller.

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Been a while since I have visited Burriram, so can't comment on how their nightlife might have improved, but if it is the girl factor that is high on your list---then--IMO-- its Udon, you have the "Yo

I thought what the doctor ordered after Pattaya was a large dose of penicillin.

I just love your post. It is so full of specific examples and logical analysis, but others may disagree.

Udon Thani has fun girls and fun bars!

I have an Ex in Buriram and The place is so boring I couldn't wait to get out. The ex-pat's felt the same. Buriram is worse than smallish places like Seka (By the way is full of fun).

Udon Thani has nice hotels and a fun atmosphere, the woman are gorgeous! It has gotten bigger. This is my favorite City

Buriram is huge, albet wide spread. Its never been known for it's nightlife beyond the speed disco square. It's loud and the girls don't take much notice to foreigners. But I haven't been there for two years, maybe the new speedway and I heard Marriott is building a hotel there.

All in all, Udon Thani is a blast!-----It's just what the doctor ordered after Pattaya!smile.png

Buriram is huge, albet wide spread. Its never been known for it's nightlife beyond the speed disco square. It's loud and the girls don't take much notice to foreigners

You gotta be kidding. Buri Ram is one of the provinces where most girls/women go to places like Pattaya to find a foreigner.

Once you speak their local slang, you might be able to "open many doors."-thumbsup.gif

It must be empty then?
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I have spent time in both places . udon is much more user friendly. there is more going on in udon day to day than in buriram . But chances are if your not going be spending much time in ether place you won't be bumping into any university girl or straight family girl you will end up banging some bar girl or something half the town has had a go of .. Stay in Pattaya for girls much variety

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Good old boo lee lam, I can think of no reason why any sane man would go there of his own free choice.

Better options to be had elsewhere.

One of the poorest provinces in the country, and by gawd doesnt it show, a dump of a place with NOTHING to offer.

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I have never read so much drivel in all my life. "pick up girls", "banging them", "someone half the town has had a go at". I see that there was an inflammatory post deleted earlier. I think all of the posts should go.

This is nothing more than a playground discussion.

Look at yourselves. You may see the reason why the girls would not be interested in you.

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300 baht in Buriram...in a right dive for sure!!! Buriram ain't cheap....unless u are. Girls are not easy to get locally

Ladies are very easy to get locally! as they are anywhere in Thailand.(but of course it really depends on you) I have found rooms in Buriram for 220 baht a night but stayed in a lovely hotel close to the railway station for 300 baht ( i was most impressed as i wouldn't normally spend so much on a room )

I remember taking a stroll through one of the night markets " acting a fool " ( as always..) and the ladies were all over me and i felt like " The Pied Piper Of Buriram " .........

Can you act a fool viewers..?wink.png x

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I have never been to Buriram or Udon, but I have been to the Tawan Daeng in Kalasin, and if the other ones are like it, a single person can have a great time there, if you like Thai rock and roll. I am 60 plus years old, don't speak the lingo, and always have a great time, abet, I'm not looking for girls, but there are always lots around, and I'm sure a young good looking guy could be successful, especially if he spoke Thai. If you speak any Thai at all go to the Thai places, and stay away from the Farang Places. If you want an almost sure thing on picking up a girl, go to one of the Karaoke places that have Lao girls, probably Udon, would be better for that. The Lao girls, haven't been eating western food, and thus look like the Thai girls did 25 years ago, slim and lovely, not a fat one to be found, at least the ones in the Karaoke bars, but be careful, some are very young, and have no business being here, although they look older,

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Looks like Udon wins guys Thanks for all your advice saved me a lot of time and money!

"Buriram or Udon Thani for night life?" For sure, none of the two! bah.gif

The choice between Buriram and Udon Thani is a bit puzzling. So many km between. Difficult to understand, why that choice is happening. wink.png

But OK,

I live 80 km from Udon Thani city, since 12 years, half way to Sakhon Nakhon city,

but before I stay some nights in either of these two cities and I know Udon very well,

I jump any time in a plane and fly for 700 (Thai Lion Air, Nok Air) - 1.300.- Baht to Bangkok

and spend my nights there. By far worth the afford. thumbsup.gif

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Burirum,NO.Udonthani now that is A happening city.Plenty of farangs,plenty of things to do.You won't be sorry you picked Udon.Go to udonmap

Just wondered why Burriram is so boring?

I have been there many times---I cannot wait to leave-----it's <deleted> a boring town!

All the places hate me as a Falang, I am not a bad guy---eat, spend money, just go away! feeling!

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Canary, you are a fool and a liar. You are copying and pasting an article from years ago. I know, i read that article before i move here years ago. There is only 1 night market here (not many like the article says).

Nobleman----be polite. Buriram has and will be for sometime a very boring town... Good for them.

Udon Thani---freaking rock's. Great places--and superb Hotels with 4 star accommodations. Not to say you're right, I have been there and done that.

1,500.00 baht a night in Udan Thani---(350)---life is better than BKK or PTTY------The food is great---the woman are 20 times better!

Accommodations----------------A+----even for bums who spend 300 baht a night!---I like a pool and free breakfast and ------I like life!---------towels and shuttle sevice.

I have to say for all those cheap Charlies, get a nice room with a pool and free breakfast, free shuttle to airport and in the center of everything!----in the long run----you saved 5 dollars!--------Stupid!

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