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Looking For Live-in Couple

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Looking for a live-in couple in Chinag Mai.

Ideally, the wife should have some experience in housekeeping and the husband should have a drivers licence and be physically capable and reliable. He must also be able to handle large, aggressive guard dog. Swimming pool cleaning experience a bonus

House is located in the Somoeng Rd area of Hang Dong.

Private, fully furnished (bed, TV, fridge, cooker etc) quarters are provided and god salary and days off provided. House is fully security fenced, CCTV security cameras and movement lighting.

Some English would be great, but its not a mandatory.

I have done a search on maids on TV and will be followig up some of the other suggestions including Chiang Mai News, International Schools and my local Poo Yai Baan (sp?), but if you do know of a couple looking for a good job, I'd appreciate the contact.

I know I'm wishing for a lot in Chiang Mai...but maybe I'll get lucky.


p.s. Having been in Phuket 7 years, I have appreciated the advice and posts in TV. Saved me a lot of time and headache. Thanks.

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