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Isp Recommendation For Cnx?

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I've been with Hi-net (1000 Baht for 2 Mg shared) for over one year and was annoyed with regular trouble, webserver down or malserver not available or both. I then switched to Max-net (600 Baht for 256k shared) Dissapointed again, more people in the pool (I guess) same story about getting disconnected. And it's extremely slow, compared to the Hi-net package.

Any suggestions or recommendations for around 1000 Baht?

PS: I did do a search for ISPs in Chiang Mai without any result, hoping this topic hasn't been treated yet...

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Hi M.S.,

If you live in Central Chiang Mai, I recommend getting a cable modem connection from TRUE. Available from the Western side of the Ping river up to the University.

Unfortunately we'r in Hang Dong area, not far from Night Safari. This section prob. isn't covered by by cable? Btw: is TRUE part of UBC?

Thanks anyway.

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Phil: Based on what I have picked up over the years, I would avoid satellite broadband if you have any hopes of using your connection for downloading files p2p. For regular web surfing it seems to mostly work ok. For all its faults, ADSL is probably a better choice if you plan to download files.

Search the Thaivisa Internet and computers forum for threads about IP star or start a topic about satellite internet in order to get some more info.

Abrasol: TRUE are not part of UBC. The cable modem internet network in Chiang Mai only delivers broadband Internet, not cable TV.

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