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. All photographs posted must be your own

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Have not been very proactive in this forum due to heavy work commitments. Thanks oilinki for taken up the reins here and I will try to focus more on this forum. This topic was brought to my attentio

This thread started out sensibly pointing out that posted pics should be our own: I agree 100%. I don't want to see someone's photo of someone else's photo - that's pointless to my mind. Then it devel

Tywais & Rob...great replies... nuff said on my part. Yours too Goomps...can't leave the macro man out! Lately there seems to be a few spats cropping up and in all honesty the public view on th

Posted Images

This site doesn't say much. I just uploaded a pic I posted here on the wide world thread

a couple days ago and TinEye coughed up zero results....perhaps too new? Perhaps

outta their search area? What if the photo name is changed? However...it is good

that you don't credit anothers work as your own.

Edit to add more words at the end

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Perhaps TinEye is superficial in their search criteria , not looking for substantial images sunshine ?

Howdy Goomps...I have no idea what their search criteria is...perhaps metadata?

That said, in the past I have seen some of my work on some websites which

were ripped off and used TinEye with great success to find other websites.

The pix were removed from said websites. However I never removed the

metadata on the ripped off pix & neither did the ripper offers!

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Every now and then our members get carried away and are having a bit of fun with the threads. Sometimes I don't want to be a buzzkill and let the fun to continue, as long as it does not hurt anyone and the fun is within boundaries. Quite often the temporary sidetrack get back to the original topic after some time.

For me this particular case started from this entry, which mentioned "Something from my mail box clean out." As an indication that this was not an original image my the poster. http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/737050-cars/page-8#entry8967207

There is a balance in everything. Yes, each of the photos should state who is the original photographer, in case the shared photo is not by the poster. In these cases I thought it was obvious and I did not remove them.

This part of the forum has been more lenient of wandering off-topic and I wish it will stay in that way. What I personally don't like is personal attacks and tries to shame someone else or someone else's abilities to produce photos. If there are personal issues between members, keep it to the PM's or try your luck within other forums, where the people know your background. Photo forums are not the place for battles between members (unless of course it's battles who manages to take better images).

I hope each of us can show a bit understanding what others are doing as well as learn to think the positive of others. At least on our little photo forum.

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Thanks Goomps.

For me the value of my photos has been, the amount of people who have seen my shots. When I was a uni student my father gave me press-tickets to a world championship ice-hockey game along with a old film camera and told me to take some shots. I had a great time, but also learned that to take the photos is more than just enjoying the game. I climbed to a place, which others did not, to take the shot, which was shown as a full page shot on the newspapers. That is the shot I'm most proud of ever since.

Since that I have managed to get some of my photos to local newspapers here in Phuket. Some back in Finland. Sometimes I have received little compensation, which has always been minuscule compared to the enjoyment I have had that there has been other people who have seen and possibly enjoyed the photos I have managed to take.

I do understand the need to get money out of photos, but for most of us the ability to express ourselves is enough.

How the heck some people can make a living out of photography is beyond me.

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