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. All photographs posted must be your own

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Have not been very proactive in this forum due to heavy work commitments. Thanks oilinki for taken up the reins here and I will try to focus more on this forum. This topic was brought to my attentio

This thread started out sensibly pointing out that posted pics should be our own: I agree 100%. I don't want to see someone's photo of someone else's photo - that's pointless to my mind. Then it devel

Tywais & Rob...great replies... nuff said on my part. Yours too Goomps...can't leave the macro man out! Lately there seems to be a few spats cropping up and in all honesty the public view on th

Posted Images

I forgot to add in my above post...

So let's move on from this & return to taking lots of pictures and helping each other...

...shall we.

Well said mate, lets see some love, 555^^

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