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Looking For Short-term Rental In Chiang Mai

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Does anyone know a nice house/apartment in quiet area of Chiang Mai? We (2 persons) want to rent in January and February and maybe March as well.

We like a fully furnished place, with high-speed internet connection. We will bring our own laptop.

Something with a garden/(roof) terrace and a pool would be nice as well. 1 bedroom will do.

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I know the rest of the guys on here will post the right ideas for the places you should stay.

Thought I would let you know of my experience with Viangbua Mansions (who have a bit of a web presence and may catch your eye).

Two of us are living in the apartment I rent, and about a week ago a friend came to visit, and he has crashed in our apartment for the week. Two days ago, the supervisor of Viangbua calls me over (He is in every day). He says that the cleaner has noticed 3 people are staying in the room. (Not sure how - not important)

He went on to say that this was noticed 5 days ago (Which is correct). He went on to explain that an additional person (apparantly buried on their website it says I can only have 2 in my apartment at any one time!) constitutes a charge of 300 BAHT a DAY!!! (not on the website) For this, says he, we get an extra bed, towels etc. He informs me he has already charged to my account 5 days at 300 BAHT. I walk off at this point to think!

I come back to him and explain that for 12,000 BAHT a month, plus the additional 9000 BAHT that it would cost for a guest to sleep on the floor (remember, they were aware for 5 days I had an additional guest, charged me for that priviledge, and not provided a bed etc.!), I could rent a nice big new house with a few bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, clubhouse etc.

I tell him I will end my stay at the end of this month as originally intended, and signed for in our agreement. He then tells me I had come to him and booked additional room stay from September to Next year. He told me that because I am cancelling this, I will lose my 12,000 BAHT deposit.

I challenged this, and he suddenly reduces the extra person charge to 100 BAHT per night, and at one stage says the extra person can be free if I stay.

In the end, I tell him that this is all wholly unprofessional, and that I will accept the 100 BAHT a night from THE DAY THEY TOLD ME, and that I will still be leaving at the end of the month.

Today, I checked the T&C's on their website, which clearly state that they may only keep 10% of my deposit for cancelling my booking from September to Next Year. So he had also tried to rip me off 90% of my 12,000 BAHT deposit.

I of course came to him and showed him the website, and told him that I will only allow him to keep 10% of the deposit. He then gets shirty, and asks to see my original agreement. Apparantly his copy is "locked in the office". I then have to go to my room, get my copy, and bring it to him on reception. It clearly states my stay is until the end of August, and thats what I have signed for. Anyway, he finally agrees to just charge 10%.

ON A LIGHT NOTE! The security staff are great, most of the reception staff are very polite, as are the maids.

And finally..... Their website claims your OWN mailbox at the mansions. Not true, they can't be bothered with these, so they are not provided.

The fitness centre is about 5 bits of equipment (albeit quite nice)

The sauna, spa thing is none existant. In 2 months I've not seen it open once.

:o So now you know where NOT to stay!

I could tell you about the 4000 BAHT they charged me to rent a knackered motorbike for a month. When I said I could get a bike for 2500 a month, they tell me it is fully insured. 2 days later, the thing won't go, completely knackered. They charge me 1500 BAHT for the repair!!!! They try to claim that that first 1500 BAHT of any repair I have to pay for myself! Ripped off again.

I know I've been naive, but this is the sort of people you are dealing with.



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