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Good News from Thai Immigration - 90 day report is now possible online!


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Good News from Thai Immigration - 90 day report is now possible online!

BANGKOK: -- Thai Immigration has confirmed to Thaivisa.com that it is now possible to make your Notification of Staying in the Kingdom over 90 Days online! Currently the system only works with Internet Explorer but it will be possible to do your 90 day report with other browsers soon.

Learn more about making your 90 day report online here: http://extranet.immigration.go.th/pibics/online/tm47/TM47Action.do
or visit Immigration web site for more details: http://www.immigration.go.th/

-- © thaivisa.com

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does it work:
has anyone tried it?

just opened it in firefox an its ok

• Applicants can submit this online application within 15 days and not less than 7 days before the due date of notification.

Once an application has been completed by the applicant. Application status is 'in progress'.
• This processing time begins when the Immigration has received your completed application form within 7 working days.
• Check your Application Status Online - Within 7 days after your application is submitted, you can check your application status via www.immigration.go.th , bangkok.immigration.go.th
• When an application has been approved, the applicant should print out his/her receipt of notification via www.immigration.go.th , bangkok.immigration.go.th .This receipt will also show the next due date of notification and the applicant must keep it in the passport in case of being checked by the officer.

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What is the original reasoning behind the 90 days report? To prove that you're still alive? Or to prove that you're still living in Thailand? Moving this online would defeat both of the above, wouldn't it? Meaning someone else could be doing the reporting or you could be doing the reporting from another country.

Of course, reporting by post is no different.

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Haven't been able to open the report page. Everybody must be looking and checking browsers.

Take it easy folks, don't want to break it before it gets going.

I use google chrome and it will not open page as it says unsupported browser..???????

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as above

worked fine for me in firefox 36 Both links

got thru ti the page where u fill in your info

no problems even with the capcha

I am on BBB

why so many saying it does not work an wait and see;

it works fine and seems u can be anywhere

and was able to submit my report

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