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Two confess to killing Turkish tourist in Samui

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Who walks into a bar ( forang ) tooled up with a pistol If you ask me this Turk was a menace and probably played with fire and got burnt I am sorry but more to this story than what is written and it

At this point, well done by the RTP. But ThaiVisa needs someone to create and manage a new forum: "Whatever Happened To …?" There are so many stories that have disappeared, that readers are interest

Makes all the members that said the police were complicit in a cover up look stupid. Good work by the RTP.

Re the "reason" given above for killing the man ...having to do with intimidation and "having a clearly visible pistol" (sorry I can't find a way to quote from the OP), did we not read yesterday that the reason the shooters planted a pistol on the victim, was because they were unaware of the fact that he already had one???

I had exactly the same thought after reading the following in the OP

The staff pleaded with him to leave but he walked to the counter with a clearly visible pistol tucked inside his belt.

Something doesn't sound right...

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At least and last RTP did take a stand and arrested the curlprits. Job well done . Ensuring proper justice will for sure make thailand a safer place, that's what I believe.

as already mentioned this guy was obviously a thug

In my books walking into the bar making demands with a gun in his belt and showing it (probably not the first time) is as good as taking it out and pointing it - although that part of the story is somewhat unclear as to whether they new he was carrying or not

what sort of place would Thailand be if every falang or wannabe falang thug was walking around with a gun hanging out of their waist band - I for one would not be living here

In saying that - the bar manager should have called the police and let them deal with it

They called the police many times and escorted him away

But he kept coming back

This is not the first time he made problems in the place he had many businesses on the island and was well known in the area

Looks like the this tried to cover it up but I don't think they were wrong I reckon they just had enough

If a Thai was to murder someone they would do 2 on a bike a professional hit

This was an argument whilst playing with drink, guns and probably more

Might be because of the gun laws in entertainment Venus

They might have been worried about the laws that say that you cannot have a firearm in any entertainment Venus more than the law about protecting their bar

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How stupid can one be to work at a bar both manager and security that stands around doing nothing and not know where the CTV s are in the surrounding areas? Also why both the manager and security's carry guns? Is this the norm in that area?

It does not sound like a calculated killing

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Makes all the members that said the police were complicit in a cover up look stupid.

Good work by the RTP.

Did not the RTP initially and immediately rule this a suicide? Complicity or or extreme stupidity, hardly any room for praise to the RTP.

'Did not the RTP initially and immediately rule this a suicide?' Rubbish, they did not. Read again this quote from the initial reporting on the 13th Feb:

'Koh Samui, Surat Thani: A Turkish tourist was shot and killed by a security officer of a pub on the tourist-destination island of Samui early Friday, police said.

The 27-year-old security officer, Kabin Sri-sa-ard, claimed the tourist, ç, was about to open fire at him first so he shot back in self defence'.

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From what I read the staff were also present at the time, so they also lied , maybe the Turk was cutting either the manager or the security mans grass? Problem solved eliminate the competition.

solo bar has been there from day dot.. they are a handy family gang who own that bar.. the shooting wont be much trouble for them .. u get in more trouble driving moped without helmet ...

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If they'd only said the Turk was threatening them and so they shot him, two months in jail punishment, maybe no jail time. I really don't blame them for shooting an armed drunk that is intimidating them.

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