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Two confess to killing Turkish tourist in Samui

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No explanation as to why the Turkish fella had the large amount of $$$ on him?

Drug dealer?


Maybe in this case he is a grub Razz, i know there are many bad farang here and if you live by he sword, you deserve to die by it... this place is a haven for bad farang trying to escape the law in their own country for doing wrong, thats why thailand and its Authorities are so f* ed up by the baht and the bribes, they let them in here, so they are to blame for doing this which doesnt make it right for us farang trying to make a living and do the right thing by the law of this land... what i am saying is this, it doesnt just happen to people who deserve it, it happens to normal, good farang as well, who buck the corrupt and racist, unjust system that is Thailands cancer and i never believe anything i read or hear unless it is undeniably proven without a doubt... because through experience, many thais will BS through their back teeth about anything because they dont know common ethical values that we do, from the person selling u a watch on the beach, to the BIB, to the Government, this is a proven fact, you read about it everyday, you live it everyday if you live here, this is the Thai way.

I LOVE Thailand and its people, the same as i love my kids if they lie to me, BUT it has to stop, society has to learn to respect and stop this hatred and scamming and racism against farang, when we are bringing home the bacon to them. Trust me, i have had guns ointed at me, when i am trying to do my job and help build a better place here, because some Thai loses face, i have been bashed because i use my intellect and not fists against stupidity, but because the said Thai, cant keep up with verbal communication, they come back with 4 mates and bash me....Thais are weak by themselves, or without a weapon, thats just who they are, i feel so sorry for them, but this is Thai life.

Sometimes i cannot understand how a society is so lost on moral values and cannot get how to treat their fellow human beings, i am beaten in trying to change it, I am leaving for good once i wrap things up, coz i want to live a happy life again without all the violence and lies, which is ONLY something you will experience if you live here, Peace out!

I hear you my friend, but what did you do to get Thais to bash you? I have never ever even been close to being in a situation where Thais have tried to bash me. I sometimes feel a little intimidated or inferior as a minority walking inside a Thai supermarket feeling like I'm getting stared at (I don't get stared at, but it's just a strange feeling I have, away from the tourist areas because I just feel so "visible") but that's about the worst I've ever experienced and probably more of my own making than a reality.

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Who walks into a bar ( forang ) tooled up with a pistol If you ask me this Turk was a menace and probably played with fire and got burnt I am sorry but more to this story than what is written and it

At this point, well done by the RTP. But ThaiVisa needs someone to create and manage a new forum: "Whatever Happened To …?" There are so many stories that have disappeared, that readers are interest

Makes all the members that said the police were complicit in a cover up look stupid. Good work by the RTP.

At least and last RTP did take a stand and arrested the curlprits. Job well done . Ensuring proper justice will for sure make thailand a safer place, that's what I believe.

as already mentioned this guy was obviously a thug

In my books walking into the bar making demands with a gun in his belt and showing it (probably not the first time) is as good as taking it out and pointing it - although that part of the story is somewhat unclear as to whether they new he was carrying or not

what sort of place would Thailand be if every falang or wannabe falang thug was walking around with a gun hanging out of their waist band - I for one would not be living here

In saying that - the bar manager should have called the police and let them deal with it

They called the police many times and escorted him away

But he kept coming back

This is not the first time he made problems in the place he had many businesses on the island and was well known in the area

Looks like the this tried to cover it up but I don't think they were wrong I reckon they just had enough

If a Thai was to murder someone they would do 2 on a bike a professional hit

This was an argument whilst playing with drink, guns and probably more

Might be because of the gun laws in entertainment Venus

They might have been worried about the laws that say that you cannot have a firearm in any entertainment Venus more than the law about protecting their bar

Yes, a well known dubious character, with businesses on the island, so why do the headlines keep calling him a "Turkish tourist"?

Typical xenophobic Thai thinking. Apparently every foreigner is a "tourist", even if they've lived here for a long time. Even your average Burmese labourer is a "tourist" doing a bit of painting, gardening or soldering here and there in between being a tourist.

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I still find that video in post 61 unbelievable (if it hasn't been edited). The first shooter goes from wai-ing the guy to fetching a shotgun and shooting him in ten seconds!

Surely a shotgun blast at such close range as that must have been a mortal wound, and it looks like the guy had collapsed. Why the other shooter had to get involved and cold bloodily execute him I can't imagine. He seemed to be on the scene already "tooled up" pretty quickly. Even if he was supposedly a "security guard".

Scary in such a popular bar.

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Straight out murder then by a couple of numbskulls.

Who walks into a bar ( forang ) tooled up with a pistol

If you ask me this Turk was a menace and probably played with fire and got burnt

I am sorry but more to this story than what is written and it ain't murder

If someone specially a foreigner was to come into my place of business and start trouble and i could see he was tooled up then should I let him bully and intimidate me in my own bar ( if I was thai ) in my own country

Some people just read a comment without a clue


Don't just shoot people out in the open without some sort of argument

I reckon if he wasn't carrying a gun he would will be here today

Agree. Live by the sword and all that. No sympathy for the Turk.
So a pat on the back and a job well done for the killers and business as usual. I find it disturbing that some people can actually support this killing. It is not Joe citizens job to be judge jury and executioner. Pass me my shotgun I don't like this guys attitude and I sentence him to death. God help customers who question thier bar tab, they will only do it once and thier executioners will be hailed heros
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Will the Thai guy still get back his own gun that he planted in the hands of the Turkish guy ?

Is this bar now closed? Normally in other countries a bar like that would not be allowed to open again.

Solo bar will not be closed, as it is owned by well connected locals. It has been around for many years and used to be located 200 meters further down the small soi it is located at now. Not surprisingly the old location has been turned into a Thai boxing stadium, run by the same locals. Over the years solo bar has been the scene of several shootings, including at least one murdered police officer, and alot of armed fights on top of that. Most of the trouble involved local thugs associated with solo bar in one way or another.

Most expats know solo bars well deserved reputation, and therefore stay far away from the place.

Well said, except caling them well connected locals,

let's be honest, Solo bar is owned by the Chaweng mafia, call them what you will, these people are used to ruling their way and it is good to see some of these dogs arrested at least..

they also own Sound club ( how many murders fights there?) Closes daily at about 8am..

They also own the shooting range...hmmmm..They own many other things and are used to getting their own way..

So now the Junta have the address' of the local mafia, perhaps you could put the pressure right on them,

for those claiming the RTP did a great job, what about the initial report where they ran with the he drew first story..When will they investigate properly without releaseing early statememnts that make them look corrupt...We all know that these bars normally get the utmost police protection, heck even a cop was killed in there and nothing happened..If they had no cctv like Mon at koh tao we'd all still be being fed the first story...

So every staff member would have lied that first night, will there be charges for impeding an investigation, hahaa, no, just 2 gulty dogs here, go to these places at your own peril...

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It appears that perhaps Mr. Poletari was probably the kind of guy that wouldn't be very forgiving if he was shot and wounded and allowed to recover. Finishing him off may have been the best way to make the problem go away permanently.

If you are going to mess with Thais, never ever ever mess with Thais in a bar...also taxi or tuk tuk drivers.

He sounds like someone that would have ended his life in jail or by the sword

Fare play you came you played you lost

Lesson for all other forang gangsters you might be big back home but the Thais run this place

Sometimes a killing like this can send a message to all them plastic gangsters out there

555 Pretty sure it sent a message to Leung, the plastic gangster manager of Solo bar,

If you knew how dodgy these people are you wouldn't be here praising them as if they won,

Or is it because you think they are real gangsters that means you think it's a lesson for Falangs?

The guy shoots a guy in cold blood and you call the victim a plastic gangster,

Hope they rot in jail, I've had personal dealings with Leung and couldn't get out of there fast enough...

Controlled by drugged up Mafia...

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Makes all the members that said the police were complicit in a cover up look stupid.

Good work by the RTP.

Maybe, but lets look at a hypothetical scenario. If the 2 guys were well connected and rich enough to line the right pockets with enough money can you confidently say justice would be done?

The issue is not really whether the Police press charges against poorer people, they often do. The issue is that the Police are accused frequently of providing a 2 tier justice system,,, one for the rich and one for the poor whereby the rich pay to get off and the poor go to jail. This literally makes the police completely ineffective as justice has no real meaning at all, its just a commercial entity.

The result being there is no justice and you potentially end up with society failing with rampant corruption from the top down,,, sound familiar?

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If it's the person whom I think it is, Ali, then he's been on the island for quite a few years. Took on a resort quite close to the Ark Bar some years ago. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

I know Samui and make a point of not having anything to do with dodgy people there... even if they are introduced or introduce themselves to me.

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Makes all the members that said the police were complicit in a cover up look stupid.

Good work by the RTP.

Did not the RTP initially and immediately rule this a suicide? Complicity or or extreme stupidity, hardly any room for praise to the RTP.

They RTP need to learn the phrase - "No comment."

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