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Two confess to killing Turkish tourist in Samui

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Who walks into a bar ( forang ) tooled up with a pistol If you ask me this Turk was a menace and probably played with fire and got burnt I am sorry but more to this story than what is written and it

At this point, well done by the RTP. But ThaiVisa needs someone to create and manage a new forum: "Whatever Happened To …?" There are so many stories that have disappeared, that readers are interest

Makes all the members that said the police were complicit in a cover up look stupid. Good work by the RTP.

It appears that perhaps Mr. Poletari was probably the kind of guy that wouldn't be very forgiving if he was shot and wounded and allowed to recover. Finishing him off may have been the best way to make the problem go away permanently.

If you are going to mess with Thais, never ever ever mess with Thais in a bar...also taxi or tuk tuk drivers.

He sounds like someone that would have ended his life in jail or by the sword

Fare play you came you played you lost

Lesson for all other forang gangsters you might be big back home but the Thais run this place

Sometimes a killing like this can send a message to all them plastic gangsters out there

555 Pretty sure it sent a message to Leung, the plastic gangster manager of Solo bar,

If you knew how dodgy these people are you wouldn't be here praising them as if they won,

Or is it because you think they are real gangsters that means you think it's a lesson for Falangs?

The guy shoots a guy in cold blood and you call the victim a plastic gangster,

Hope they rot in jail, I've had personal dealings with Leung and couldn't get out of there fast enough...

Controlled by drugged up Mafia...

Plastic gangster means fake want to be gangsters

Now no matter what you think about them

They have money they have guns and shoot people that looks a bit more real than the want to be gangster Ali Gees

My opinion is. You chose that life then high chance end up dead or in jail

I call it extreme businessmen or women but that's just me

We all make choices and we shall exit this world one way or another

I don't pick sides but it seems like the group had a fa lined out within the group which they all knew the risk

Bit like when one joins the army

One joins knowing the risk and that's that

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No explanation as to why the Turkish fella had the large amount of $$$ on him?

Drug dealer?


Maybe in this case he is a grub Razz, i know there are many bad farang here and if you live by he sword, you deserve to die by it... this place is a haven for bad farang trying to escape the law in their own country for doing wrong, thats why thailand and its Authorities are so f* ed up by the baht and the bribes, they let them in here, so they are to blame for doing this which doesnt make it right for us farang trying to make a living and do the right thing by the law of this land... what i am saying is this, it doesnt just happen to people who deserve it, it happens to normal, good farang as well, who buck the corrupt and racist, unjust system that is Thailands cancer and i never believe anything i read or hear unless it is undeniably proven without a doubt... because through experience, many thais will BS through their back teeth about anything because they dont know common ethical values that we do, from the person selling u a watch on the beach, to the BIB, to the Government, this is a proven fact, you read about it everyday, you live it everyday if you live here, this is the Thai way.

I LOVE Thailand and its people, the same as i love my kids if they lie to me, BUT it has to stop, society has to learn to respect and stop this hatred and scamming and racism against farang, when we are bringing home the bacon to them. Trust me, i have had guns ointed at me, when i am trying to do my job and help build a better place here, because some Thai loses face, i have been bashed because i use my intellect and not fists against stupidity, but because the said Thai, cant keep up with verbal communication, they come back with 4 mates and bash me....Thais are weak by themselves, or without a weapon, thats just who they are, i feel so sorry for them, but this is Thai life.

Sometimes i cannot understand how a society is so lost on moral values and cannot get how to treat their fellow human beings, i am beaten in trying to change it, I am leaving for good once i wrap things up, coz i want to live a happy life again without all the violence and lies, which is ONLY something you will experience if you live here, Peace out!

I hear you my friend, but what did you do to get Thais to bash you? I have never ever even been close to being in a situation where Thais have tried to bash me. I sometimes feel a little intimidated or inferior as a minority walking inside a Thai supermarket feeling like I'm getting stared at (I don't get stared at, but it's just a strange feeling I have, away from the tourist areas because I just feel so "visible") but that's about the worst I've ever experienced and probably more of my own making than a reality.

Hi Tom, the times i have been bashed by "multiple" grubs, is ONLY after i have had a run in with 1 Thai man-boy who loses face in front of his peers because i am doing my job and they work for me and my Farang Superiors who i have to answer too and have to set parameters... Its ALWAYS a younger male and because i have stood up to the unjust society in which i am trying to make a living and paying taxes and supporting their well-being, by employing them, paying them and supporting them.... and trying to educate them on how to respect one another.

I have also had this problem in my village in Issan, when my Brother in law was siphoning petrol out of my bike to his mates bike and when i said to him why are you doing this and gave him a jerry can of gasoline and said you can use this no problem, probalby high at the time, he lost face and hit me from behind a sucker punch.... I copped it, turned around and taught him a lesson in respect! I can look after myself.

After that, him and his mates came back with a gun and wanted to kill me... this is in my Wifes village in her home, miles away from nowhere in Issan, i am the ONLY Farang there and luckily the Uncle who lived next door, who warned me about him and his mother prior to our wedding and i became good friends with him, plus the head village man called the Police , who took him (brother in-law) and his mate to jail.... NOW the Mother hates me so much after i paid 1 Million Bht sin-sod and thinks i am the bad guy...

This IS Thai Mentality... Un-educated and barbaric to the core... its all about money and losing face which drives many Thais to doing what has happened here.

I have many Farang acquaintances in the construction industry, who have been bashed and one Guy, was in his car when a gang of thugs baseball smashed his windows while he was sitting in the car shitting bricks, how terrifying, he did nothing wrong but employed them and tried to run his Business and for reasons in Business i understand, they didnt agree with because of their primitive way of thinking disagreed... <deleted>!!!

This same Guy also had guns pointed at him, threatening him because a Client didnt pay him so salaries were late...

I also know many many investors and developers who have not had guns pointed at them, but Political figures make them pay to do Business here..

Thailand's seedy side exposed..... this is life here...

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Their bails were set at 1 million and they're already out on bail....

Any sources?

That was an execution, filmed by CCTV.

Evidence of the killing is clear and confessions are signed.

And the two murderers are now for 30,000$US free?

An incredible justice here.

It is fully beyond my understanding, how a judge can grant bail in this case here.

Society must be protected from murderers, and this task does not occur by the judges.


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cctv shows self defence. no doubt the manager and his mate bungled, but fair is fair.

the world is a better place without the likes of the turkish thug.

they are out on bail (which is allowed in most countries of the world)

what's the problem??

they will have their day in court, and i as many trust acquittal.

or-- justifiable homicide, works for me smile.png

they are out on bail (which is allowed in most countries of the world)
what's the problem??

With this burden of proof (live CCTV video)?

Not so many other countries provide bail here.

Did you see the video?

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