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Koh Tao murders: Foreign witnesses key to defense

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Meanwhile the head public prosecutor said his side will make a compelling case with 65 witnesses to testify against the men including police, witnesses and forensic investigators.

So where were these numerous witnesses on the days following the murders? If it all pointed to the B2 they would have been arrested around day 2, grassed up the locals. Sorry, it's fabrication, smoke and mirrors.

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umbanda u r write.

So mutch money involve already,has media play key role in it and RTP can T loose the face because the PM already congradulate them at the beginning.

The time past,but we don t forget this case.

We all togeter got them by the balls.

time change,RTP never figure the powerful of media.

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freedom for them ! stop this mess !!

So - if you have evidence that they are innocent, please present yourself as a witness. wai.gif

I see this article as being one of two things

A genuine belief in their clients (don't they have to say that?) and they are looking for witnesses that have not come forward. But wait - if the witnesses have not come foreward, how does the defense team know what they are going to say?


it is a clever ploy to say that the witnesses were too frightened to help and that is the reason that we failed to 'get the defendants off'.

For my part - the water is so muddy that I have no idea who is to blame. The police mishandled parts of the investigation, witnesses have gone home. The reporting has been 'suspect' at best and the 'social media CSI teams' have said that it is a stitch-up with nothing but emotion to back that up.

Conspiracy theorists are having the time of their lives.

Sad for the defendants if they are innocent. just rewards if they are not.

If there were witnesses from the UK, we would have read about it already in a UK newspaper as soon as they got home, I do not believe for one minute there are witnesses, it is a smoke screen, and I believe the outcome is inevitable.

Read post 16 above, from the Guardian re Brit police interviews. You might also want to consider that potential witnesses wouldn't want to incriminate themselves in any unlawful acts. Self preservation is a powerful motivation not to speak up, especially if it means returning to Koh Samui for the trial.

Consider also that David's DNA is not on the hoe, therefore it is not the murder weapon used on him (as portrayed in the re-enactment farce). In the absence of an alternative weapon, there is no direct link to him and the B2. Being at the crime scene (if proven beyond reasonable doubt) is not enough evidence to convict the B2 of HIS murder.

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