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Crystal Meth Gang in Samui Arrested

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Crystal Meth Gang in Samui Arrested


KOH SAMUI: -- On February 16, Samui Governing District Chief Mr. Thammanoon Sookjarern, Samui Assistant Governing District Chief Mr. Poonsak Soponprathomrak and some governing officers and Roi Koh volunteer defense corps gave a statement on the arrest of a gang of 7 drug dealers selling crystal meth in Moo 3, Maret sub-district, Koh Samui district, Surat Thani province.

They were caught along with 140 grams of crystal meth, 2 pistols and ammunitions.

Mr. Thammanoon said that Mr. Sakchai Khongklaew, a 29-year-old taxi driver in Koh Samui, was arrested at a rented house with no house number while he was trying to sell 100 grams of crystal meth to an undercover officer. Mr. Sakchai confessed that he was just selling the drug for a drug dealer in the nearby area.

With the information that Mr. Sakchai gave, the officers went to arrest Mrs. Nisa Daungsalak, a drug dealer Mr. Sakchai referred to; however, Mrs. Nisa managed to escape through the back door of her house. The officers surround the house and eventually succeeded in capturing Mrs. Nisa. After searching Mrs. Nisa’s house, only a 9mm pistol was found.

Mr. Thammanoon added that all of the suspects that were arrested will be sent to inquiry officials of Bo Phut District Police Station for further prosecution.

-- Samui Times 2015-02-18

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Simple, she ran out the back door, passed off the dope to one of the ..................r's behind the house, then let erself be 'captured' they may find the pistol is registered - so No Bust at all.coffee1.gif

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