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Hope last ? - BKK to Surin - less stress - what would you recommend

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But you have to book this week and the deal is available as of late march / early april....I'm not sure when your arriving in bkk.

Would be an option if the op arrives on or after April 2.

This is the date when the service starts.


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Nakhorn chai air from Mochit to Surin leaves 8.30 am very morning though usually gets into Mochit around 8.45. If your going into Bangkok one night you can telephone to book your seat they speak English they'll give you a booking number and you pay for it at 7/11. Bus leaves from platform 15.

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First class sleeper train from BKK to Surin.

About 1,200 Baht.

Get on at around 8pm, go to sleep, wake up in Surin at about 5:30am the next day.

Book the lower bunk (it's a 2 bunk room) and chances are you will travel alone in the room, as people know if only an upper bunk is free in first class they will be traveling with a stranger, so they may as well book 2nd class instead.

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