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A French-Thai long-distance love story

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Nakhon Ratchasima:- A Nakhon Ratchasima native has now found true love in a French man whom she had spent more than four years in long-distance relationships.
Pornpan Rueankong and Vincent Rayman from France registered their marriage on February 14 in Thailand this year. The couple has already bought a house and settled down in Pattaya City.
“He is kind and calm. And most importantly, he does not flirt around,” Pornpan says.
To this Thai woman, unwavering love and faithfulness are crucial in the relationships after she learned firsthand how her first husband’s licentious lifestyle could easily ruin their family life.
“We had to go separate ways because he was irresponsible and kept flirting,” Pornpan recounts.
After separating from her first husband, Pornpan became a single mom working hard to support herself and her son.
While working at a department store in Pattaya City, she met Rayman who dropped in to buy clothes.
“We chatted and clicked. So when he asked, I gave him my cell-phone number,” Pornpan recounts.
Their relationships have blossomed ever since. Although Rayman flew back to France and lived there, he had made sure he could visit Pornpan four times a year. He does not mind that he is not Pornpan’s first love and embraces her son, who is now 15 years old.
Rayman says he falls in love with Pornpan because she is nice and faithful.
“After more than four years of relationships, I believe she’s the one. So, I’ve come to Thailand this time to register our marriage and live with her,” Rayman says.
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Must be a really slow newsday. Or in other words, the French man paid for a house in the name of his soon to be ex-Thai wife, and moved back to Pattaya, where his wife had been working since she div

The following history is not mine, but from another farang I know. He is sharing this on a public web site. If you do not care about love...not waste your time reading it, but ...perhaps will give so

i hope there are no balconys on the new house!

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