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Cop-on-Cop gunfight at Koh Samui bar injures two

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Cop-on-Cop Gunfight at Koh Samui Bar Injures Two
By Khaosod English

SURAT THANI—A gunfight broke out between a volunteer police officer and a group of policemen at a bar on Koh Samui island early this morning, injuring two people.

The incident took place at Tawan Chai Cafe on Taweeratphakdee Road at around 2.30 am today, police say.

Staff at the bar told police that Sitthiporn Poonsawasdi, a volunteer police officer, was drinking heavily until the bar closed at 2 am. According to staff, Sitthiporn drunkenly tried to ask musicians at the bar to leave with him, and became angry when they refused.

Sitthiporn then reportedly walked to the front of the bar and fired one shot into the air, prompting the staff to alert police.

Police officers soon arrived and ordered Sitthiporn to drop his weapon, witnesses said. However, Sitthiporn allegedly refused and fired at police. A gunfight then broke out between the officers and Sitthiporn.

Sitthiporn was eventually shot in his left leg and apprehended. A police officer, Lt. Somporn Cherdchim, was also shot in his stomach during the gunfight.

Full story: http://www.khaosodenglish.com/detail.php?newsid=1425625120

-- Khaosod English 2015-03-06

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As a 3 time Viet Nam Vet, and a 20 year Marine, I take exception to your comment. But then again, you've probably never been in uniform, and have no concept of what it's like, so you're just another d

When I was a kid I used to read wild west novels not foreseeing as an old man I live right in the middle of them

Only in Thailand can police be caught drunk in bars while armed, and still get to keep their jobs. I am not referring to this case, but generally.

Armed, drunk and dangerous. And unlucky for the population that he is still alive.

"Sitthiporn was eventually shot in his left leg"

wonder how many bullets were needed to "eventually" shoot him by the highly trained police.

It would be funny to see if it weren't so irresponsible and stupidly dangerous behaviour.

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