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Cop-on-Cop gunfight at Koh Samui bar injures two

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As a 3 time Viet Nam Vet, and a 20 year Marine, I take exception to your comment. But then again, you've probably never been in uniform, and have no concept of what it's like, so you're just another d

When I was a kid I used to read wild west novels not foreseeing as an old man I live right in the middle of them

Only in Thailand can police be caught drunk in bars while armed, and still get to keep their jobs. I am not referring to this case, but generally.

The OK corall is now in Koh Samui

Samui has always been considered part of the wild, wild west. Thankfully, very little of that violence affects foreigners. Not like Dark Tao, where foreigners are murdered at an alarming rate, due to the maniac serial killer who is above the law. The ruling families on Samui do a pretty good job of maintaining order. They do not allow Tao type nonsense to happen, and if it does, it is dealt with swiftly.

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Armed and drunk... I get it.

But what gets me is that the police did not shoot to kill this dude.

Slightly different than price brutality in USA.

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Since January of this year, over twenty foreigners have been injured and killed on Koh Samui, from bus accidents that injured more than a dozen and various "unsolved murders, deaths, suicides and bodies washing ashore..

For follow up--March 5, 2015-SURAT THANI — Three Thai teenagers have been arrested for allegedly killing a 22-year-old Burmese man on the southern island of Koh Samui, despite a police officer's earlier suggestion that the killers must have also been Burmese.

Koh Samui -- the new HOFM (Hub Of Foreign Mortality).blink.png

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If it wasn't this much fun, most of us would have left by now..... It is their culture, it is their way, and those who truly throw themselves into the culture except that this is their way, this is how they, in their country act and respond, and if we come here from western countries and try to understand, we never will. This is how they grew up, this is what they learnt, this is how they do business, and if we want to live here as foreigners, accept, understand, dont try to change them, as we are guests in their country, and how they act is not to be judged by our western ideals. This is how it is, accept it or get over it. They didnt ask us to come into their country and beg us to tell them how to do it, they said OK foreigners, you want to come and live in our country and marry our girls, and show off your wealth which is usually a pittance pension, then no worries, come and live here, but this is how it is.

I see you wrote the textbook for "Attitude Adjustment Camp Frolics, Beginner to Intermediate". I would give you credit for the advanced text also, but you failed to state that "Thainess is Ineffable, and Thainess also answers all questions social and scientific". thumbsup.gif

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A police officer off duty time is a private individual.
Normally, the police have to give up their weapons after duty hours, and there weapons must be enclose.

Not in Thailand.
It is apparently allowed, that they can go to a bar, with their weapons in there pockets and get drunk.
Gun ownership and gun laws urgently need to be re-regulated here.

Anyone with a walnut sized brain can carry guns here and can shoot around without penalty.
Thailand must remove unsuitable policemen from the service permanently.
These so-called policemen are a constant danger to the public.
That is not the first time, that drunken police shooting at innocent people.
They are criminals and not police men.
The best place for them is in prison.

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Back in the day, they would take off their blouses, weapons still holstered and drink away.. 5-6 drinking about... when I saw any RTF like that.... I would move on...

Besides...a certain politician's son can shoot/kill an off duty police officer for the manly reason of stepping on his shoes, then it follows the volunteer PO should be allowed to display his awesome firepower and administration of justice skills because the band would not play on..clap2.gifwhistling.gif

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