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sprinkler on the roof instead of a/c

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Why it doesn't work could be explained this way. Over simplified too. Because the heat load on the roof is greater than the cooling effect from the water, you can never get the attic air cool enough to make a noticeable difference in the room. If you put fans in the attic it would do more good than the water would.

Best example of this, is a fire. Ever notice how much water is required to put out fire? Then cool the it down so you can find hot spots? Even after the flames are out the stored heat in the wood is so great it still takes thousands of gallons to cool. Same physics are in motion in cooling the house but not as severe. Thermal heat transfer problems can be very complex even in a simple house problem like this.

Try attic fans first. One at each end of the house. You want one blowing in from the shaded side and an exhaust fan on the sunny side.

Exhaust fans function much better here than swamp coolers.

It is not unreasonable to think that a swamp cooler in a room and a dehumidifier at the far end of the room could have some beneficial affect on the air temperature

They are totally different concepts, an exhaust fan is not going to cool your house, it will stop the roof from heating it up a little and from retaining the heat but a better idea would be to put a roof over your roof, if direct sunlight doesn't even touch your roof then it won't aid in heating your house up.

An evaporative cooler will actively reduce the temperature and humidify the area, very useful for very hot and dry climates.

Exhaust fans get rid of the hot air which rises to fill the space below the roof. They also keep air circulating. Hot air goes up and out. Cooler air from the floor level moves up.

Yes, shading your roof is a good thing as is having a light colored roof.

An exhaust won't cool the living space below air temperature though.

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A research paper from Osaka University (.pdf) Effect of the Evaporative Cooling Techniques by Spraying Mist Water on Reducing Urban Heat Flux and Saving Energy in Apartment House Conclusion Verifica

Go for it. It's not going to help anything, but you will think it does and that's all that matters.

Let's say the air temperature outside is 38c - doing this water idea, the best you can hope for is an indoors temp of err, 38c. OTOH, AC is going to give you whatever indoor temp you want, so long as

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Why not just try drying your clothes inside with a fan blowing on them and see the effect.

Indian households hang woven Mats of Vertigris in the windows which they spray with water to cool down and keep insects out the house.

That should be "Vetiveria zizaniodes" verdigris is an oxide of copper. And "vertigris" isn't a word

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Another poster mentioned mold. In seeing that nasty black stuff, I would think that it would be a major problem in that you are creating the ideal growing conditions.

Its very true but some of these brainchilds cant see the forrest for the trees. This is just a bad idea all the way around.

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I've been thinking about those kevvy, did you put some kind of outlet vent in your ceiling?

Yes we did , we put in an exhaust fan in the large room so the hot air was extracted out into the ceiling then the whirleys done their job . Cheap and worth it .

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