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Will a Thai xbox360 run UK xbox games

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I brought my UK xbox360 over a few years ago together with about 20 UK games. The xbox has died now and i am looking for a replacement. Will a thai xbox here run all my UK games. Thailand uses PAL but i see many NTSC links on their games. Does it have to be modified or use a rgh? The 4gb box seems much cheaper but is that any use to play games with such a small amount of storage.

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I have not tried this but. I reckon that PAL and NTSC stuff usually matters for the output.

I reckon my friend had a NTSC ps2 and PAL games were just scrambled and stuff.

I haven't kept with those outdated and crap TV standards really but I'd assume that PAL and NTSC aren't really something to care about when you buy modern days LCD or HD TVs

maybe I am wrong tho, the best tip I could tell you is try to find someone that has a 360 in Thailand and bring your games over to try. If you can load the game then they should play find on an up to date TV.

I'd use HDMI or even get one of them cool VGA cables (that's what I used to connect mine to my monitor, it's totally fine for HD)

I got this from looking at a different website "NTSC and PAL output different video signals, but the HDMI cable itself shouldn't care what the signal is, as HDMI is a global standard capable of carring both standards."

the only problem that might arise is if the 360s hardware are made to reject other countries games .. which might be the case.

we're not exactly in the United States here where you can just buy a 360, try it and return it to Wal Mart if you aren't happy with it.

I'd bet you anything that if you went to a store that sold 360s they would definitely let you try your games right there at the shop if they have a TV there.

every time I buy something even remotely expensive in Thailand they always want to show me that it works out of the box before I even buy it without asking.

I am sure you would definitely get issues if you were to use a normal NTSC or PAL TV tho, so make sure they have a proper HD TV and use HDMI if you have that

and hopefully some of that rambling will make sense

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