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'Human traffickers' nabbed

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'Human traffickers' nabbed
The Sunday Nation

SURAT THANI: -- Provincial Police Region 8 yesterday announced the arrest of two suspected human traffickers in Surat Thani. Their gang reportedly had 121 bank accounts with money transactions worth Bt31 million.

At a press conference, chief police investigator Maj-General Daoloy Muandech presented fishing boat skipper Thammasorn Charoenrung, 53, and his alleged accomplice Suriya Ahamad, 40.

Both men were wanted on charges of smuggling people from Myanmar into the Kingdom, harbouring these illegal workers, and human trafficking. The case stemmed from the round up of 97 Rohingya on January 11 in Nakhon Ratchasima's Hua Sai district while being transported to Malaysia. Daoloy said Thammasorn allegedly bought the Rohingya into Thailand in a boat modified to carry over 200 people per trip.

Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/national/Human-traffickers-nabbed-30256037.html

-- The Nation 2015-03-15

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International media and foreign governments -- look here -- look here!

Arresting one captain of thousands is a step oin the right direction, and historically with this government it will be followed up by two more arrests -- and that solves everything! Case closed.

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All governments jump on the nomenclature bandwagon. It looks better for them if they can call any attack terrorism and any underground travel agency trafficking. This means governments will falsely charge people with these crimes.

The article only says the travel agents were "wanted on charges of human trafficking" not that this was such a case. Even the charges they were "wanted" for could be false. BS on top of BS.

It is more likely that the "victims" desperately wanted to get into the kingdom for work,but they could not get in by legal border crossing.

People jumping on this story as if were confirmed are equally desperate to have the myth of sex trafficking proven because it is a trojan horse for western neo-colonialism.

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Look here, look here? At what? Not one word of this story suggests anything other than providing transportation. A crime sure, but not anything anyone but the wingnut fringe of the international media should care about.

31 million in the bank......maybe not such a small player.

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