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Two Phuket girls rob German expat in revenge for breaking ‘sex for iPhone’ promise

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iPhone for those? I think they're more Nokia or even 2 tin-cans and a piece of string!

Cannot believe this German guy agreed to be photographed. Has he no shame ....

Too much "Beer" is never good for you. And next time do choose somebody more good looking than them old man.

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Clearly this post left out the most important point - blind German expat.

Even if blind, how about all that meat that you can touch and feel

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Seems like a long winded way of saying he got robbed by a fat, lying cheating, thieving unattractive prostitute.

Those Apple products can do everything.

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I know it is not nice, and I promise to be ashamed (later), but looking at the people in the picture and reading this story just Monday morning a bit more fun. Two policemen (I guess) who are a bit confused of the situation whether they should look serious or just laugh out loud, a German with zero sense of situation and those two "girls" looks annoyed over the meager result of their theft.

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Having first hand experience of Thai "story telling" I wouldnt believe a word of what the two of them said.

Who the man chooses to hump is his business, all forgotten in a few days with no follow up.

We never hear the outcome as it always fades away.

It will give the "girls" neighbours something to spout for the next few days about the evil farang who robbed their Thai lovelies.

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