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Two Phuket girls rob German expat in revenge for breaking ‘sex for iPhone’ promise

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Too much "Beer" is never good for you.

And next time do choose somebody more good looking than them old man.

I will never understand why these guy pick such fat ugly tarts.

Must have been the beer goggles.

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iPhone for those? I think they're more Nokia or even 2 tin-cans and a piece of string!

Cannot believe this German guy agreed to be photographed. Has he no shame ....

Too much "Beer" is never good for you. And next time do choose somebody more good looking than them old man.

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...cut the cr*p.....

..crime is crime...

..infantile excuses for breaking the law......and blaming the victim......

...everything about them is lies...right down to the car sticker....and then the red plate on the stolen vehicle......put them away for a long time please....

....overnight = girlfriend = iphone and wardrobe.....insane....

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Nice to see the pointing is all coordinated.

Too often I find the police getting away will poor quality pointing choreography or even pictures with no pointing at all.

It get to see Wolfgang getting into the spirit of both pointing and thumbs up. As if a trip to the police station to negotiate with 3rd rate prostitutes is something to be proud of.

Perhaps he hasn't worked out the internet is also available in Germany?

"A picture says more than 1000 words", in this case I would say 50 000 words, because I interpreted it into a completely different version.

The women look very unhappy, especially the one in the front, whom I believe is the "friend" with the Altis, the German seems VERY happy to get his gear and car back, and he got away with free sex with the woman in the back (if my assumptions are correct), not ugly but apparently very stupid and greedy.

One night of sex and maybe also in the morning for some clothes and an iPhone.

If it seems to good to be true, it most always is, she should know that as most probably, she practice this herself towards men.

Purely speculations on my part.

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