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Two Phuket girls rob German expat in revenge for breaking ‘sex for iPhone’ promise

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iPhone for those? I think they're more Nokia or even 2 tin-cans and a piece of string!

Cannot believe this German guy agreed to be photographed. Has he no shame ....

Too much "Beer" is never good for you. And next time do choose somebody more good looking than them old man.

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The old man probably watched Shrek with his grand children and had a fantasy shagging Fiona !!!

His lady in red...oooops I mean in Orange was maybe the closest he could find....???

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<script type='text/javascript'>window.mod_pagespeed_start = Number(new Date());</script>

I would hardly call those 2 women 'girls'.

And I wouldn't call a guy of 62 'elderly. That's only 8 years older than me and I am still highly regarded as prime stud material cheesy.gif.pagespeed.ce.HaOxm9--ZvISAZ3- alt=cheesy.gif width=32 height=20>

It must be your new Horse shoes. clap2.gifgiggle.gifw00t.gif

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Ah, the sexpat and his lack of understanding irony..... Sleep with a woman young enough to be my grand daughter for cash, off their face on Leo all the while wearing Buddha amulets. They have the IQ of a fart in a lift.

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Nice to see the pointing is all coordinated.

Too often I find the police getting away will poor quality pointing choreography or even pictures with no pointing at all.

It get to see Wolfgang getting into the spirit of both pointing and thumbs up. As if a trip to the police station to negotiate with 3rd rate prostitutes is something to be proud of.

Perhaps he hasn't worked out the internet is also available in Germany?

Correct. As a student of 'fingerpoint' photo's I can tell you the multiple finger point is very rare, particularly as it has a thumbs up as well!. It's almost like finding a 'penny black'. I'm so happy. Will download and keep.

98/100 on the pointometer, or should it be 5.9 5.9 5.9 etc. biggrin.png

Your efforts won't be pointless.

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I know these two. The one at the back is Beer, the one in front is Chang. I have known Beer Chang almost since the day i arrived here in Thailand. Chang should know better she is 18 months pregnant and due to give birth to a baby calf any day now.

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