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Two Phuket girls rob German expat in revenge for breaking ‘sex for iPhone’ promise

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iPhone for those? I think they're more Nokia or even 2 tin-cans and a piece of string!

Cannot believe this German guy agreed to be photographed. Has he no shame ....

Too much "Beer" is never good for you. And next time do choose somebody more good looking than them old man.

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Interesting to read the judgments on the physical appearances of the people in the photo.......I hope that dose of superiority keeps you going for at least half an hour.

From the photo with the thumbs up, you feeling pretty pleased with yourself today?

Hope the car is ruining well, and was returned with a full tank of petrol.

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Who can be bothered to read all that about stupid stuff that happens every day in LOS ? That bloke should be old enough to know better and as for having sex with those two growlers...more fool him.

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<script type='text/javascript'>window.mod_pagespeed_start = Number(new Date());</script>

Silly old fool

Why was he a silly old fool? Surely the 2 brasses were the fools in this story?

Would you consider "bright young spark " more apt, then ?

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I would hardly call those 2 women 'girls'.

And I wouldn't call a guy of 62 'elderly. That's only 8 years older than me and I am still highly regarded as prime stud material cheesy.gif

In your mind !!

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