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Are their any Sports Bars in CR?


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It's been a very long Songkran, that's why I popped up to CR. And it's been a great New Year.

In larger cities you can't really be expected to nod to every farang face you see, unless you want to wind up in hospital with a neck brace. Maybe in CR you can nod to all the people who look like you ... but geeeez... why ?

And please don't say you nod to everyone you see, Thai and farang. In Central CR for example today there were several thousand people at any point in time , should one nod to all of them, or just the farang ones, or just the ones one would like to bed, it's a nutty proposition. Also I have some business partnerships in Central, so I don't feel like I'm surrounded by "hundreds of strangers", obviously others do.

No-one is trying to get anyone removed from the forum, after all the reality is that a good many have voted with their feet anyway; the question is ...why ? Seriously, the membership of this forum has gone down substantially in the last few years. In any forum there are people who spend a huge amount of time online, they end up behaving like they own the place, and usually cause a lot of damage to themselves and others. It's a well-established psychological problem which they can chose to recognise or not.

Anyway, I have had a great new year, I wish you all a great year ahead.


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Just back from Bangkok and Hua Hin. Within minutes I ran out of fingers and toes when trying to count farangs. No wonder people down there don’t care to be polite, you would end up with lockjaw or whiplash trying to acknowledge everyone. Looks like down south might be a better location for a sports bar than sleepy little Chiang Rai, but I didn’t manage to get an accurate count.

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There really are farangs everywhere in Bangkok. There was even a farang guy sitting two rows down from me at a performance of the popular Thai musical, Homrong. Judging from his expression, or lack there of, he may have been happier in a sports bar.wink.png

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Might I suggest you start a sports team like another Lambo owner? Sitting around watching sports and drinking, hardly sounds like a healthy pastime. See if you can’t stir up some interest in participating in sport rather than watching and getting sloppy drunk.

Better still, start a Rugby team. Then you can play some sport, and then go out afterwards and get "sloppy drunk".

And you can legitimately tell Best Beloved that both activities are central to the sport!

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