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Has anyone seen Heinz sweet relish for sale here in the kingdom?

NOT the mustard / relish hotdog relish.


Yeah, I miss it, too.

Occasionally (very) we have been able to find it at Villa, but it still hasn't been exactly right. It seems to be made with a slightly more sour taste that I'm accustomed to in the States, so it might be sourced from Australia or somewhere else.

The only other possibility I know of is the US Embassy commissary. They have it now and then and, if you have a friend there, you can get it through them.

Otherwise, I've been keeping an eye out here for years with no joy at all.

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You can actually buy it almost anywhere. I have even seen it in small thai supermarkets. One of the funny things about that is, I've had lots of it for the past few months in my shop, and it's the ONLY thing I have never sold one of yet. I love the stuff, so I am gradually working through my stock :o

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