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Learning Thai-language @ universities in Bangkok. Options?

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I have read about the intensive Thai-program @ Chula, would like to know more about that, but also would like to know about other options to study Thai-language in universities. Seems like many of the results Google gives are outdated.

Learning Thai is the number one reason for me really, but I would also need a visa. In addition to several language schools to choose from, I would like to know about university options. I kind of miss the atmosphere and people in universities and I feel like a possible certificate from a university + better possibilities to meet new people might be some advantages of studying Thai in universities. I know, might not be relevant, but anyway.

I have taken 3 basic level courses in 3 different language schools (in Chiang Mai & Pattaya) so I have some basic skills of the language. However I would like to stay longer in Thailand and next time maybe in Bangkok, and while making friends, looking for a job (MBA/Sales manager background), I would like to learn the language.

Thanks for the advice and opinions.


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Studying at Chula is great, although hard work.

I wasn't there for that long, as only studied lvl 3 then dropped out half way through lvl 4 as didn't like the format in lvl 4 (I felt there was too much time spent testing and not enough time spent teaching, compared to lvl 3, which burnt me out since it meant I needed to do 3-5h homework/self study each day instead of 2-3h).

In class you have mostly amazing teachers and although the material itself isn't amazing, the learning atmosphere is brilliant. As everyone is pretty focused and you're completely immersed in Thai for 3h every day, even outside of class most people try to speak Thai during lunch etc.

They also organize these "soda parties" which I found was the most enjoyable part of the course. Where they get some of the university students to come in and practice speaking Thai with you in an informal setting. I had some really great yarns with random people as a result.

You also have use of the university facilities (pool/gym/libraries etc) which is pretty cool. I was training with their rugby team too which was fun and added to the immersion, although admit this was probably a factor in why I burnt out, since with study as well, it meant I had very little time to "blob out" and relax.

I definitely feel that my Thai was significantly improved from my time spent studying at Chula, even though I was just there for 3 months.

I believe that they can also provide you with a visa, although I was on a marriage visa extension so didn't look into it myself.

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