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My backyard^

Near Ban Pong, Chiang Mai

Let's go to the area between Khao Lak Khao Sok....it's beautiful through the mountains!

Posted Images

Some of mine are rice fields, sugar cane fields etc., so after your post as OP Rob8891 are you asking us to double post our photos in two different forums? facepalm.gif

OK I will bite :vampire:

Rice fields in Kan, at Wat Tum Suae


Sugar Cane in Kan Province


Good one by the way as I missed that topic to post. thumbsup.gif

Well one did start 6 Scape topics, but under different names, not using the Scape bit in the topic and 4 with the Scape in it. w00t.gif

Win wai.gif

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^^ Double post? Not really as, if one considers my post, it would be pretty clear that it would be addressing two different audiences.

10 "scape" threads?? facepalm.gif I wonder if I can rename this the Escape thread. whistling.gif

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^^ Good point, Goompa, so maybe folk should also think about posting to Shaggy's Farming photos over in the Farming forum.

Absolutely . If the percentage of the image lends itself to be considered a farm orientated image , by all means .

I was merely making an observation to the fact that most of rural Thailand is dotted with farms and rice paddies ,

this is not to say that there are not opportunities to take and create a Landscape image of rural Thailand ,not in this

element .

I feel as though everything rural about Thailand does have a " Farm" element , even the waterways have this .

Please don't shoot the messenger , it is just my personal observation .

Everything about Thailand is unique and mystifying , and the images sublime , if we could only capture them as

we feel them in our heart would be Truly Amazing .

Thanks, mate, I wasn't disagreeing with you at all, but the key word in my post was "also".... we want the pics here! I'm afraid Shaggy and the Agrics come second!! 5555

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