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Same with bamboo on Samui , Fiddles! tongue.png very slow~ ! A bit like me these days! facepalm.gif

That's not bamboo from Samui Jimmy,that's good ole' Isaan bamboo.I should know,because I helped put them in the ground.

That was a photo of mine that,you helped me edit a couple of years back biggrin.png

Hope you both have plenty of fun together and am looking forward to seeing both your shots!!!

ok that's interesting, Shaggy, I did come across what I was certain was a picture of yours, from way back and deleted it! (fishing nets) I was pretty certain I took that image off a back road in Nathon, Samui... obviously my memory fading more and more! facepalm.gif

Apologises for nicking your work! w00t.giffacepalm.gif

Oh dear!.... the nice blue skies of yesterday, have turned to clouds and rolling thunder this morning and steady rain ...that won't be fun for cycling today for ASTX! sad.png

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My backyard^

Near Ban Pong, Chiang Mai

Let's go to the area between Khao Lak Khao Sok....it's beautiful through the mountains!

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