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A Great Company Cleaning Air Conditioners And Filling Them Up in Sisaket...

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Hello Sisaket Isaanjeros,

The two guys just left our house and did an outstanding job. We have three units in our house, they took all three apart, even changed a part, no idea where they could get it from on a Sunday?.,

The part was 200 baht, service for one unit 600 baht. So even with the 200 baht spare part ( and i saw that it was <deleted> up), we finally paid only 2 K for all.

We could even get a 100 baht discount for each unit, which makes it to 500 per unit. i know that you can't make advertisement here, but if you really need some reliable guys,who're sometimes really hard to find here, please page me ad I'll give you the phone number.

Mr. Dilligad, the company you'd offered me before from Uthumphon Phisai made two units at my school and took 2,500 baht.

And you could even have taken their shows off, while they're walking around, like snails.facepalm.gif

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