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Cooking For Oneself In Thailand?

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Hello kind forum-ers. I am going to be moving to Thailand in about two months, teach English, hope to experience an exotic foreign culture for a year, etc., and I was wondering what kind of challenges I might face trying to rent a place that is also accompanied with kitchen facilities? The reason is that I have IBS, and while I tend to do good on rice and vegetables(a big reason why I chose Thailand over other countries) things will likely work out better for me if I am able to prepare a majority of my meals for myself. So is it difficult or expensive to rent a place with a kitchen? If anybody could help me out with their wisdom I would be much grateful!

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presuming that you can find a place with a kitchen you will only be able to cook stove top unless you have a microwave...the usual western cooker with an oven is hard to find.

also...think about availability of ingredients...if you have access to a tescos, Carrefour, etc then maybe OK but I find that my local tescos (30 km away) only has poor quality western vegetables like cauli, broccoli, potatoes, etc...look like they been on the shelf for about a month...

if you want to use your local ethnic thai market be prepared to do your shopping at 5 am...most places finish and shut down by 8...you can still get fruit sold out of the back of pickup trucks later on in the day...

good luck...

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The good news is, that in general, Thailand will have a greater variety of vegetables to choose from, than the western country you come from (whichever country that is). The bad news, as others have pointed out, is trying to find a place to prepare them.

When I first arrived in Chiangmai, I paid an extra 1000 Baht per month for a room (in a guest house) with a "kitchen". The kitchen turned out to be an area with a tile floor, a sink, and some cabinet type shelving. Oh, and a two-foot high refrigerator. No cooker, no microwave, no utensils, pots, pans, dishes, etc.

I can't speak for Bangkok, but a kitchen isn't really part of the Thai concept of a house, at least in the North. I looked at several houses to rent, before settling on the one I live in now. None had a kitchen.

I think you will have to be very determined (and have some liquid cash) to find an affordable apartment with a kitchen in Thailand. Let us know what your experience is, and Good Luck.


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